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Emergencies happen. It’s a fact of life. And even though you can’t control when they happen, you can control how prepared you are. When the time comes for help, you don’t want something that’s “good enough”. You want the best tool you can get. Meet Parachute

Parachute lets you broadcast your video, audio and location to your friends and loved ones in the event of an emergency

With just one touch, Parachute:
‣ Simultaneously calls, texts and emails your emergency contacts
‣ Sends them your live video, audio and location straight from the scene
‣ Records discreetly to protect your safety
‣ Prevents accidental touches from stopping the recording or blurring the focus
‣ Saves all your evidence away from your phone, so it is safe even if the phone is lost, taken, or destroyed

‣ Superlock: Prevents an unauthorized person who grabs your phone from stopping the recording
‣ Checkup: Checks up on you every 12 hours and alerts your emergency contacts if you don’t mark yourself safe
‣ Multi-Camera: Captures video from the front and back cameras simultaneously for 200 degrees of camera coverage
‣ Siri: Activate Parachute by saying a codeword to Siri
‣ Phone Alert: Pre-record an alert message that your emergency contacts will hear when Parachute calls them
‣ Emergency Notes: Set up emergency notes to be released in the event of an emergency
‣ Twitter: Tweets your live incident and pre-written tweet in the event of an emergency
‣ Lock Screen Widget: Quickly activate Parachute right from your lock screen
‣ Live Alert Status: See the live status of each alert sent out (texts sent, emails delivered, phone calls picked up)
‣ Evidence Wiping: Wipes your evidence as soon as it’s been pushed off your phone so someone getting a hold of your phone won’t be able to find anything
‣ Seamless Streaming: Recovers seamlessly from poor or spotty reception without losing evidence
‣ Global Coverage: Works all around the world
‣ More at parachute.live/app

‣ Over 4800 5-star reviews from around the world
‣ Featured on the App Store
‣ Winner of the TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015 Hackathon
‣ Cameo in CSI:Cyber
‣ Featured in TechCrunch, Wired, CNBC, Fox News, Cult of Mac, Digital Trends, Sydney Morning Herald and more
‣ More at parachute.live/news

Ethos & Integrity
‣ Free On Crash: We believe in our product so much that if it crashes during your emergency we give you back everything you’ve paid us in the past year
‣ Private & Tracker-Free: Forensic investigation reveals that Parachute is the only one of the top 20 safety apps that does not send your information to data collection companies. More at parachute.live/privacy
‣ Independent & VC-Free: We answer only to our members and we devote 100% of our time towards providing them with the best, fastest and most reliable technology in the event of an emergency
‣ Neutral: Parachute is a neutral conduit for emergencies, open to everyone, regardless of background and beliefs
‣ More at parachute.live/about

‣ Parachute (Monthly): Our flagship membership. Unlimited everything, personal concierge and priority access. US$9.99/month
‣ Parachute Lite (Monthly): Designed for light use. 3 incidents/month. US$2.99/month
‣ Parachute Micro (Yearly): Our most affordable membership. 3 incidents/year. US$2.99/year
‣ Try Free: All our memberships start with a 2-week all-inclusive free trial
‣ Cancel Anytime: After your free trial, your membership will automatically renew monthly or yearly, paid with iTunes unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the cycle by managing it in iTunes Account Settings. Any unused trial time will be given up if you switch memberships

See how Parachute compares to the alternatives at parachute.live/comparison

Help: hi@parachute.live
Privacy: https://parachute.live/privacy
Terms of Use: https://parachute.live/terms

Prices are in US dollars and may vary in other countries

Parachute® is a registered trademark of Parachute Labs, Inc.

Proudly made in New York


版本 4.38

‣ Fixes a very rare crash that could occur if Parachute was running on a compromised device

----- Recent Updates (parachute.live/new) -----

Introducing Superlock

‣ Superlock locks down Parachute during an emergency, so an unauthorized person who grabs your phone will not be able to stop the recording
‣ Parachute is, once again, the first in the world to offer this advanced and powerful feature
‣ Superlock is for people who use Parachute in situations where there is risk of their phone being taken away from them by an attacker, police officer or other unauthorized person
‣ Superlock keeps your phone locked while continuing to record and live-stream your video, audio and location undisrupted
‣ Get the full details at parachute.live/superlock

Parachute would like to acknowledge Daniel for their assistance with Superlock

Introducing Checkup

‣ Checkup is a powerful new Parachute add-on that checks up on you every 12 hours and alerts your friends and loved ones if you don’t mark yourself safe
‣ Your friends and loved ones receive life-saving information, like your last known location and your emergency notes
‣ With Checkup turned on, every time you launch Parachute it automatically marks you safe and saves a breadcrumb with your location
‣ Location breadcrumbs are a privacy-preserving way to keep a life-saving location trail that helps others retrace your steps, but, unlike apps designed to share your location 24x7, Parachute only shares this location trail if you miss your checkup
‣ Checkup keeps a rolling trail of your location breadcrumbs for the past 10 days, while deleting any older breadcrumbs
‣ Get the full details at parachute.live/checkup

Introducing Multi-Camera Video: A World First for iOS

‣ Capture video from both the front and back cameras simultaneously with the Multi-Camera add-on
‣ The Multi-Camera add-on is open to all Parachute members running iOS 13.0 or newer on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro
‣ Get the full details at parachute.live/multi-camera

Introducing Parachute Micro Yearly at just US$2.99/year

We are always working to make Parachute more accessible to everyone around the world. We are excited to introduce our newest and most affordable membership ever, Parachute Micro Yearly, designed for light use. With Parachute Micro Yearly, you can activate Parachute up to 3 times a year, with up to 10 emergency alerts per incident

Ultra Wide Camera

‣ Parachute now uses the ultra wide camera on the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, so you can capture even more of the scene on video. This expands the camera’s field of view to 120 degrees, revealing parts of the scene that would have been off camera with the standard wide camera

Get Notified

‣ You now have the option to receive a push notification when your early access request is approved
‣ Just tap on the add-on you would like to request early access for and then choose to get a push notification when you have been approved
‣ We will be launching many new features in the coming months, so this is the best way to stay in the loop

Do you have a Parachute story to share? We would love to feature your story in our next video. Send us an email or video about it at stories@parachute.live and we will send you back a Parachute goodie bag!


4.9 滿分 5 粒星
4,659 個評分

4,659 個評分


I feel so much safer with Parachute!

Very easy to use! Very useful! With a simple voice command, I can activate the app with secret recording, GPS tracking, and the app will contact my emergency contact (can be multiple contacts) immediately and provide them with my location and live info. And most important of all, the app supports HK people by offering us free membership during such turbulent times in HK. This is a company that cares about the safety of people truly! Go and try out for yourself. While all shall find it useful, teenagers, children and women should find it particularly useful!


Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for relying on Parachute for your safety. Please stay safe and reach out to us for any assistance you may need. Sending you our best wishes from New York

Emily Lee

Thank you

I’m a new user and find it very user friendly. Thanks for giving us free membership. I no longer feel safe in HK now as the Government and the Police Force (working with Triad) are trying all means to eradicate HKers. Having this app gives me a sense of safety as at least my family will receive my GPS tracking with audio and video when I am in danger. This does give us a sense of security. Thanks for your generosity. I’m looking forward to having an advanced version shortly. Thanks again 🙏🏻


Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for relying on Parachute for your safety. Please stay safe and reach out to us for any assistance you may need. Sending you our best wishes from New York


Heartfelt thank you from Hong Kong

Dear Parachute Team,

Thank you so much for your generous offer and support to stand with us HKers during this difficult time when we are fighting for freedom and democracy. I can’t praise enough for the simple set-up and ease of use of your app, which is very crucial during times of emergency.

Million thanks for everything!


Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for relying on Parachute for your safety. Please stay safe and reach out to us for any assistance you may need. Sending you our best wishes from New York


Parachute Monthly
Unlimited Parachute incidents
Parachute Lite Monthly
3 Parachute incidents per month
Parachute Micro Yearly
3 Parachute incidents per year


Parachute Labs, Inc.
36.6 MB

須使用 iOS 10.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。



此 App 在沒有開啟時亦可能會使用你的位置資料,縮短電池使用時間。
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  1. Parachute Lite Monthly HK$ 23.00
  2. Parachute Monthly HK$ 78.00
  3. Parachute Micro Yearly HK$ 23.00


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