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Download our app to answer any available survey or in-class questions. Mobile Survey is an app for iPhone which provides a user friendly platform for students or any users to take survey or answer in-class questions. Eligible users can take part in either the available survey or in-class questions session with the given access code. This app supports different question-answer types and users only need to choose their desire answers by few touch. Answers will be instantly analyzed. Therefore, lecturers can make good use of the analyzed result and provide feedback to students promptly. The Mobile Survey will certainly create an interactive environment during lecture and enhance the learning atmosphere.


版本 1.4.1

Feature Updates, Enhancements and Bug Fixes


3.7 滿分 5 粒星
3 個評分

3 個評分

App 私隱

開發者The Hong Kong Polytechnic University並未向 Apple 提供其私隱慣例及資料處理方式的詳細資料。詳情請參閱開發者的私隱政策


開發者下次提交 App 更新時須提供私隱詳細資料。


  • 家人共享

    設定「家人共享」後,多達六位家庭成員可以使用此 App。