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Athanasios Papazoglou

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Welcome to QRiFi! Thank you for joining the team of QRiFi-ers!

QRiFi is the missing feature for easily sharing and saving WiFi passwords in iOS! 

Forget having friends or customers constantly asking your WiFi password to connect to your network. Now with QRiFi all you have to do is type the WiFi SSID and password once on your device, generate your own WiFi QR code in seconds, save it in the app and that's it! The next time someone asks you to share your WiFi password, just show your custom WiFi QR code made with QRiFi! Isn't it so easy and time-saving?

And there's more! You can save all your favorite networks on your QRiFi app. Your house, friends' houses, family house, office, favorite cafe or restaurant: to name a few. You can also categorize them!

Not to mention that with QRiFi everything stays on your device. Privacy is on top of our priorities.

---Key Features---

- Create QR codes for your WiFi network with the SSID and Password.
- Option for free and open networks without a password.
- Scan any WiFi QR code with an in-app camera app.
- Lock the app with Face ID or Touch ID for privacy.
- Create categories for better organization.
- Custom app icons and dynamic light and dark mode.

--- Premium Features ---
- Unlimieted QR codes (QRiFis)
- Special App Icons
- Custom colors for QRiFis
- And many more future features

--- Information ---
Privacy Policy: https://qrifi.app/privacypolicy/
Terms of Use (Standard EULA): https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

--- Get in touch ---

For any questions or feedback, feel free to get in touch with me on Twitter @A_Ch_Papazoglou or via email at athanasios.papazoglou(at)protonmail.ch


版本 3.1

Hey there, amazing human!

Another day, another update!

Other than the usual bug fixes and some refactoring, this update contains a more modern emoji picker for your categories.

- Your support means so much to me, so once again, thank you! -


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