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If you install the Samsung Smart Door Lock App, you can experience various services anytime and anywhere, including checking the door lock condition of your home, opening doors with the door lock, and issuing one-time keys for visitors.

※ Door lock models that can be interfaced: SHP-DR700 and SHP-DR900

[Major Services]
1. Real-time checking of door lock condition
Status of door opening with the door lock, notifying forced door opening, notifying overheating detection, checking battery condition, etc.

2. Remote control of door opening with the door lock
Method 1: Click the padlock button on the main window of the app.
Method 2: Place the back of the smartphone on the card image of the door lock.

3. Issuing one-time keys to visitors
You can create a one-time key with a set date and time. Upon the expiration of the set date and time, the one-time key will be deleted automatically.

4. Checking the access history of the door lock
The app notifies you in real-time who accesses you home, and enables you to check the access history.

※ In the case of Bluetooth-interfaced models (the following models), please install the sHome Door Lock App:
SHP-DP930, SHP-DP920, SHP-DP830, SHP-DP730, SHP-DP720, SHP-DP620, SHP-DS700, and SHP-DS705


版本 1.0.18

- Change firmware update notification method


1.7 滿分 5 粒星
33 則評分

33 則評分

Can Ng

a little bit not user friendly

1) Icon text is not localized, still use Korean

2) The reaction to enter password when open the app is slow, sometimes it lags the app and need to kill app for restarting.

3) When sending massage to someone, e.g. sending temporary password to someone for opening the door lock, the App is suggested to select other message app, such as whatsapp, facebook massager, instead of SMS app Only.


Country not supported

I hope this help. I have the same issue that once I connected to the smart lock, it says country not supported and cannot set up further. All I have to do is to do the set up again on a different iPhone with a different number and it worked! I have no idea why this worked but now I can successfully locked in and the app works well. Yeah Samsung should do a better job.


Logging out unexpectedly

The app log me out unexpectedly, even if I have ticked the keep me logged in box. The time it takes to log me out seems to be random, from a few minutes to over one day. After I am logged out, the notification of door opening feature becomes useless.


46.2 MB

須使用 iOS 10.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。


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