SNOOPY Puzzle Journey 4+


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Join up with Capcom and the world's most loveable beagle, Snoopy, in this heartwarming puzzle adventure!

◆ Clear pieces with just the tap of a finger!
Feel the refreshment of lining them up for massive combos!
Enjoy Rankings with others playing the app!
Get a full-on puzzle game experience in mere minutes!

◆ Globetrotting with Snoopy
Complete puzzles to visit these famous cities!
Take photos of Snoopy and friends to commemorate your travels!
San Francisco (USA)
London (UK)
Beijing (China)
Sydney (Australia)
Barcelona (Spain)
Cairo (Egypt)
Journey to locations around the globe in future updates!

◆ Join the Peanuts Gang in an All-New Story
Charlie Brown
Lucy Van Pelt
Linus Van Pelt
Peppermint Patty
Features an original story with the Peanuts characters you love!

◆ A World-Famous Fashion Icon
Snoopy can wear cultural outfits from different countries!
Build his wardrobe and travel in style!

◆ With So Many Levels, You'll Never Get Bored
Seasonal events and tons of levels await!
Clear all the cities to take your journey to the stars!

◆ This game is recommended for fans of:
* Snoopy
* I want to look at cute characters and relax!
* Popular or immersive puzzle games
* People who like to travel, or like games with traveling
* I want to play in my spare time.
* Match 3 games, number games, or blast games
* Puzzle games with colorful blocks and fun animations

Snoopy Puzzle Adventure is free to download and play!
Set out on your adventure today!

About the Special Pass
A monthly service packed with value!
Price and Validity: $4.49 / Month
● Restoring Your Special Pass when Changing Devices
On your iPhone or iPad device, please login to iTunes using the same Apple ID that you used to purchase the Special Pass.
By transferring data after you change devices, you can carry over the status of your special pass membership to your new device.
If the data transfer fails, you can use the 'Recover Special Pass' button from the in-app menu to restore your membership status.
● Confirmation and Cancellation
For the App Store, please select your Apple ID, and then View Apple ID. After choosing Subscriptions, please select Special Pass.
From this page, you can check the automatic renewal timing for the next billing cycle, cancel automatic renewal, or edit your settings.
● About Automatic Billing
If you do not cancel automatic renewal more than 24 hours before the billing cycle is scheduled to end, the cycle will be automatically renewed.
Automatic renewal for billing will occur within 24 hours after the billing cycle ends.
● Precautions
Those who have been charged through in-app processing must cancel billing using the above stated method.
We will not accept requests to cancel the current billing cycle's membership.
You will be charged via your iTunes account.

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版本 1.11.02

・ Bug Fixed.


4.7 滿分 5 粒星
415 個評分

415 個評分


Super fun!

Snoopy is super cute and the game design is good overall!

j. foo.

Help please

The countdown for getting new hearts for some reason had a glitch and is now stuck at 99:59. I can’t ever play a game because I’m not able to get hearts. Please help!

Id : kikakika

Problem of Ver 1.06.03

Clicked update and downloaded successfully, however Apps Store shows that the apps is not yet updated.

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