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Solos AirGo™ is a dedicated mobile application designed exclusively for users of solos® smartglasses, offering a range of benefits including ChatGPT integration and an enhanced sense of well-being. Through the Solos AirGo™ app, users can engage in voice-based conversations with ChatGPT and cultivate healthy habits that contribute to the attainment of their fitness objectives.

Some the features provided by Solos AirGo app will be highlighted below.

ChatGPT (For AirGo3 model of solos® smartglasses only)

- SolosChat
Introducing SolosChat, our advanced AI-driven system that prioritizes voice-based interactions, granting you instant access to ChatGPT and various other AI functionalities, all conveniently accessible through your Solos smartglasses.

- SolosTranslate
A multi-language translations with consisting of 4 operation modes: LISTEN Mode for personalized one-on-one translations. TEXT Mode translating speech into text for easy sharing. GROUP Mode facilitating dynamic multi-person discussions. PRESENTATION Mode for seamless multilingual presentations

- SolosMessage
Compose emails and messages effortlessly using just voice.

Coach & Exercises

- Basic Exercise
BASIC EXERCISE assists in monitoring users' comprehensive fitness activities throughout the day, including distance, current pacing, moving time, step count, etc. Additionally, it automatically calculates users' current stride, cadence, and left-right balance based on specific factors.

- Core Training
The CORE TRAINING program comprises a selection of core exercises such as plank, lunges, squats, and sit-ups, among others. Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred difficulty levels and even customize the program by selecting specific core exercises, determining the number of sets, rest intervals between exercises, and more. This program aids users in establishing a strong foundation for maintaining an upright posture and overall strength.

- Interval Training
INTERVAL TRAINING incorporates a sequence of high-intensity workouts alternated with periods of rest or relief. This training method assists users in enhancing their aerobic capacity, promoting cardiovascular health, and facilitating weight loss. By engaging in interval training, users can experience significant fitness improvements across multiple areas.

- Cadence Training
CADENCE TRAINING aims to assist users in developing the ability to run at an optimal cadence. By doing so, it helps reduce over-striding and mitigates the impact forces exerted on muscles and bones, thereby minimizing the risk of injuries. This training program focuses on enhancing running efficiency and promoting a safer and more sustainable running technique.

and more.

Health and Well Being Monitoring

- Posture Monitor
The POSTURE MONITOR serves as a helpful reminder to maintain correct posture, making it particularly beneficial for individuals who spend extended periods sitting at computers. Consistently maintaining proper posture is a straightforward yet effective approach to preventing back pain. By utilizing the POSTURE MONITOR, users can proactively promote a healthier posture and minimize the risk of discomfort and strain on their back.

- Step Count
STEP COUNT monitors the number of steps users take and measures the distance they walk. By accurately inputting the necessary information in the settings, this feature also calculates the corresponding calorie expenditure. This functionality provides users with valuable insights into their walking activity, allowing them to track their progress and better understand their energy expenditure.

and more.


版本 1.9.0

Added SolosTranslate and SolosMessage new ChatGPT features


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6 個評分

6 個評分

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