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1 million people have used SplitCam for fun already!

SplitCam divides your camera into two halves. You control what is added and how they are combined. With SplitCam you are not just taking photos - you create stories and absolutely unique art!

☆Photography, SplitCam Style☆
Using SplitCam is easy! Move your finger to adjust the slice, take a photo, move the camera, take another photo!

Use photos to tell a story. Combine two objects into impossible shape! Or just shoot few weird random things and let surprise happens.

☆Seamless Blend!☆
Be free, this is no cut-and-paste photo editing apps. Explore what you see and recombine them. The result is always cool!

Use pictures in photo library or with camera! Any combination, no rule! Let your imagination runs!

☆Be Social☆
Impress your friends by sharing your creations to Twitter, Facebook, Steply or Email! Surprise your friends by new and unique views of your camera!

Just created great artwork with SplitCam? We love to see it! Send us the photo via Twitter (@ignitionsoft) !

☆Steply Network☆

SplitCam come with new Steply Network. You may share photos to multiple networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous and Weibo) at once! You can also manage your Steply photo or discover new photos -- all inside the app!

* Get SplitCam for Free today! Free version let you take split photo vertically. Purchase full version ($0.99) to unlock full 360º split with unlimited fun! *

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SplitCam 把你的相機一分為二。隨意把景物用任何角度放進照片中吧!有了 SplitCam 你不再只是拍照 -- 你用相機創造故事、創造獨特的藝術品!

☆SplitCam 態度☆
SplitCam 十分簡單易用。用手指控制分割,拍照,移動你的相機,再拍照!



在 SplitCam 世界沒有規則,只有你的想像力!


分享你的驚喜!你可以用 Facebook, Twitter, Steply 或 Email 分享你的大作。

你有讓你驚喜的大作嗎?歡迎經 Twitter (@ignitionsoft)告訴我們!

☆Steply Network☆

新的 SplitCam 內置 Steply Network。經 Steply 你可以一鍵分享到多個網路 (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Posterous 和新浪微博)!你不需離開軟件便可以探尋新的照片或管理你 Steply 上的照片!

* 立即免費下載 SplitCam 吧!免費版本讓你垂直地分割照片。購買完整版本 ($0.99) 可以讓你 360 º 任意分割照片! *


版本 1.5.0

- Timer feature! Now you can easily take pictures of yourself.
- Fixes bug on 'contact us' when user have not setup email account.

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4.4 滿分 5 粒星
5 個評分

5 個評分

Cecilia yan

A nice software

A nice and useful software but the only thing that is not good enough is it didn't have a self camera.

little goldfish

Please update your version

As the subject please otherwise I can’t use it as I paid the apps

lady Mayette



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