SPTrader Pro HD 4+

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專為 iPad 設計

    • 2.0 • 45 個評分
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Sharp Point 2016 新程式
• 速度更快更穩定
• 更容易使用的界面
• 支援 iOS 13 或以上

SPTrader Pro HD 是一個真正的原生應用程式,配合全新"觸式交易"模式,令你在智能手機或平板電腦上操作更快更流暢。
SPTrader Pro HD 繼承 SPTrader 的優良傳統,以高速行情和交易取勝,實時帳戶盈虧和即時成交等資訊也是一目了然。
請即下載,你就能隨時隨地了解最新市場動態, 不會錯過每個投資時機!
(如果有興趣登入, 請聯絡你的經紀商查詢。)

Sharp Point new mobile app in 2016
• Faster and more stable
• More user-friendly interface
• Supports iOS 13 or above

SPTrader Pro HD is a truly native mobile app which provides high speed “touch-to-Trade” for demanding traders.
It shares the same technology with Window version of SpTrader to communicate to your broker’s server. The speedy market data and trading response will be guaranteed. It integrates essential real time account, orders and trades information on a single mobile’s screen which is inherited from the Sptrader tradition.
To learn more about the market dynamics, download the app now! Don't miss any investment opportunity!
New functions will be released continuously to meet users' needs and demands.
If you are interested in the app, please contact your broker for more details.


版本 10.54.25

- Revised header height and font size to display wrapped text
- Revised data handling in order list page grouped mode to avoid app crash
- Copy previously stored userId of other systemId when processing switch system push message
- Zero is not allowed for stopProfit and stopLoss input in bull bear order ticket
- Keep order ticket input state if there is any input error
- Added new device model name mapping
- Revised icon
- Revised UI color
- Fixed chart refresh issue when Expand in list view option is enabled in watchlist page for iOS 16
- Revised theme change refresh logic
- Fixed connection status icon refresh issue for relogin after force logout case.
- Revised toolbar handling in order and trade list view page to fix bottom margin issue
- Fixed text alignment issue in position detail page
- Fixed setTitleNavigationBar bug


2.0 滿分 5 粒星
45 個評分

45 個評分


White screen hung after screen rotation

Always white screen and hung after screen rotation.


Dear Sir, the auto dismiss connection page in reconnect flow issue has been fixed in latest version 10.37.2, please kindly update

Gary Wong CM

Can’t save multiple host

Hi SPTrader support team,
After upgrade, the app can’t save multiple host setting. It only save the setting for 1 host. Previous version can allow to save multiple host setting and I can select the different host by drop down. Pls fix it. I need to login again when I change other host every time. Thx

Kim KCl

Just horribly hard to use

Have been using this app to trade. Here is what happened to me:
1. Keep crashing
2. Cannot connect your server
3. Even connection was “successful”, the price was unable to update automatically
Any one of the above could have costed a lot to investors. This app is just rubbish

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