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Did you know there is one exercise which works wonders on your mind, body and soul? The secret lies in an ancient yogic practice called as Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations).

SunUps is your personal trainer to help you learn Surya Namaskar and make it a daily habit. Use it to transform your body's biology to feel energised, productive and feel your best.

One Surya Namaskar set comprises of twelve yoga positions in a particular order. SunUps is an easy to learn routine, and can be done anywhere, and doesn't require any exercise equipment. This efficient workout provides amazing benefits such as increased stamina, strength, flexibility and overall physical and emotional wellbeing. It is an adaptogen-- it helps restore balance to your mind and body. SunUps can be adopted by anyone who may or may not be seeking specific benefits. It can be done as a warm up to other yoga poses or as a cardiovascular workout. Sun Salutations is a way of showing gratitude towards the sun, and thus promotes an attitude of gratitude. The more one is grateful, the more one finds things to be grateful for!

Sunups provides the convenience of learning, training and performing an amazingly efficient workout whenever and wherever you want; and improves your experience of working out as well as improves the quality of your life.

For experts who already know Surya Namaskar, SunUps provides an engaging soulful flute music and Sun Chants as an accompaniment to your daily practice .

Advanced trainees and Experts can challenge themselves by setting a goal for repetitions and monitor their streaks.

SunUps also calculates the calories burned and the time you took to complete the sets.

SunUps uses the proximity sensor of the device to detect the step in the set so as to automatically keep count of the sets completed so you can focus on the exercise than keep count.

SunUps can also remind you to do the exercises until it becomes your daily health habit.

A guided relaxation is also provided to relax after doing your SunUps.

You can share your streaks and invite your loved ones to practice SunUps. Keep count of SunUps till date and and challenge others to accept your SunUps fitness challenge.

Save your SunUps Scores and participate in a #5BillionSunUps for world peace and wellbeing. Guided instructions in English, Hindi and German.

Ask your doctor if these exercises are right for you before you embark on this journey.


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Now earn Badge's as you make SunUps your daily health habit!


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