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Download Zocial Earn and start getting discounts and earning money. Begin your shopper / influencer journey with 2 easy steps - Redeem & Refer!

Redeem to save on everyday deals, from restaurant to fashion, beauty and travel. Find great discounts and coupons to eat and shop, and Earn more in cash by sharing the promotion on social networks and refer to your friends.

Save, Refer and earn on everything you’re shopping for. When you share the latest fashion trends, taste a new restaurant in town, or plan a day at the spa. Every deal is available to redeem immediately, as well as shareable to your friends and family. Earn a cash income just like any influencer, after a follower or a friend redeems the discount / coupon / promotion using your referral code or username. Have fun discovering an exciting new way to monetize your interests and good taste.

With Zocial Earn you can:
• Discover and use discount codes and special savings deals near you, instantly.
• Start to Refer and Earn like an influencer / KOL by sharing Zocial Earn discounts, coupons and promotions directly from your mobile device, and share though all social mediums.
• Explore new promotions near your home location or browse different categories based on interest groups, from trendy to fine-dining restaurants, beauty and cosmetics, spa and hair salon, travel accommodation and tickets, as well as co-working spaces.
• Share and refer deals with
friends and family with our handy tools, such as generating a personalized promotional image, as well as personalized message and direct link, which can be exported and shared directly to your main social channels.
• Instantly redeem deals and sales from online retailers such as e-shop, apps, claim extra cashback
• Discover food, fun, fashion, and beauty products to enjoy low prices without settling for boring products
• Track how well you perform as an influencer in your dashboard. Know how many friends redeemed the offers using your code and how much you earned from sharing your favourite deals.
• Keep track of your earnings with our soft wallet and cash out through a variety of payouts such as Paypal.

Learn more at https://www.zocialearn.com/


版本 1.1

- Fix unreadable characters in iOS Dark mode
- Updated splash screen


5.0 滿分 5 粒星
5 則評分

5 則評分


Nice new app

Easy to use. Helped me save lots of money!


Sotopia Limited
39.9 MB

須使用 iOS 9.0 或以上版本。兼容 iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。





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