ARK: Survival Evolved


In Ark: Survival Evolved, it doesn’t take long to start wielding laser swords while riding metal raptors. But first you need to gather berries.

Here’s how your experience in this survival adventure might start (and restart).

There’s more than dinos to discover (and fear) here.

Life 1

You wake on a riverbed to find a strange alloy implanted in your arm. To your right: a river. To your left: forest. But directly in front of you?

A brontosaurus.

You gape at the towering thunder lizard, then begin to orient yourself. Taps to the left side of the screen start you walking down the beach. Taps to the right throw punches and harvest items. Pretty simple.

Start by identifying your quest: Craft a stone pick. OK, got it. Collect some rocks along the beach. Gather wood. But before you get very far, that pesky raptor appears. Despite swinging with all you’ve got, you make a tasty dinner.

Building a base helps protect you from enemies and the elements. It’s also a great place to stash resources.

Life 2

You wake on a beach, a strange alloy implanted in your arm.

OK, now you know: Avoid raptors.

This time, you have a better sense of what you’re doing. You quickly start gathering new resources, craft a stone pick, and level up. With your recent demise in mind, you choose to increase your hit points. Your next quest calls for crafting a campfire—and then, right on cue, nightfall brings the cold.

Ark gently supplies quests to perform at your leisure; you never feel lost or overwhelmed by the world. Plus, by completing goals, you gain a massive boost to your experience points.

You craft a spear and decide to take it on a hunt. It’s raining and dark, but with your newly increased hit points, stamina, and speed, you’re confident you can evade any raptors.

Except you don’t see the dilophosaurus—or its venomous spit—until it hits you. Your vision clouds; the screen goes green.

Even the most ferocious-looking creatures can be tamed.

Life 3

You wake in a forest, a strange alloy implanted in your arm...


    ARK: Survival Evolved