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Crow And Pitcher
A famous story In the Aesop's Fables.
Now you can experience the story through the game.
How to play game?
It’s very simply. in this game the crow is entangled in a tree. In order to let the crow is able to drink water. you must throw stones by slingshot to the bottle until the crow could drink the water.
Following the release We get good praise, we launched the crow drink Ⅱ
Each level needs to use the limited stones, with a slingshot into a specified number of stones to make the crow drink water, crow is thirsty……
please help crow.
-train the practical ability
-develop patience
-develop thinking skills
-provide the better music to play the game
-have a lot of good cartnoon
-waiting for you explore the more surprise

Did you notice the following details
- Click stakes quickly what will happen?
- Can you throw a stone into the nest?
- Crow can not drink the water, what happened?
- Crow drink water, what happened?
So what are you waiting for? Download it now. you can play with your children .

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