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Affirmation Power: Daily Affirmations & Manifestation

Welcome to Affirmation Power, your ultimate tool for daily affirmations, manifestation techniques, and transformative content! This app is your gateway to manifesting positive change and achieving your goals in a fun way.

Key Features:
1. Daily Affirmations: Receive a new affirmation notification every day to cultivate a positive mindset and attract abundance, success, and true fulfillment. Browse through affirmations that uplift every area of your life - from prosperity, to harmonious relationships, health, Divine Love, and more!

2. Affirmation Music Videos: Immerse yourself in Michele Blood’s Affirmation Music Videos. Affirmations with music work 300x faster than traditional manifestation tools. The left hemisphere (lyrics) and right hemisphere (music) of the brain are both activated, creating a whole brain experience to soak in new positive thought seeds. Let the harmonious blend of visuals and music amplify your manifestation practice.

3. Manifestation Video Book Preview: Explore the first three chapters of the World's First Manifestation Video Book. Loved by thousands of people and the numbers are growing every day - This is "The Most Revolutionary and Fastest Way to Manifest". Learn proven techniques to manifest your intentions and unleash your full potential.

Why Affirmation Power?
~~~ Empowering Content: Discover expert-backed affirmations and manifestation methods to supercharge your life.
~~~ Convenience: Access positivity and inspiration anytime, anywhere on your iPhone.
~~~ Inspiration: Immerse yourself in a holistic approach to manifestation through affirmations and uplifting music.

What Makes Affirmation Power Different?
Michele Blood had an epiphany after she was hospital bound for months after a near-fatal car accident. Regular affirmations were not healing her body, and she got the Divine Download to sing along to affirmations, so that her subconscious mind would start believing that she was healed. This is how Affirmation Power began. Michele’s Affirmation music healed her body. She was able to walk again, and not only that, she became a successful speaker and author touring stages with Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield. Michele is now sharing with the world this fun and engaging method of combining affirmations with music and visuals, where the subconscious doubting mind has no chance of rejecting these new positive thoughts. Look no further, your Manifesting Power is here, and it all starts with the Affirmation Power App.

Michele Blood also has The Magnet To Money App, and The Manifestation Video Book App.


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