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GoOpti – airport at your doorstep

GoOpti offers the most comfortable and convenient shared or private transportation service to airports and cities.

Currently GoOpti operates in more than 50 cities in Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia, continuously expanding its network throughout Europe.

What are the main features of GoOpti app?
- search for and book your transfer
- option to select a custom pick-up / drop-off location
- confirmation of your flight information
- instant booking confirmation
- access to all your bookings offline

What are the best features about GoOpti?
- The GoOpti fleet is composed of modern and spacious vans. Always immaculately clean and comfortable.
- Door-to-door service; GoOpti can pick you up / drop you off at home or any other custom location.
- A user-friendly booking system allows you to adapt transfer times according to your wishes, time, and budget.
- Variety of transfer options; OPTI, VIP and FIX transfers.
- GoOpti is never late for scheduled pick-ups and carries out the transfer even if just one person has booked it.
- For some extra peace of mind, choose the Absolutely No Worries Package. If you miss your flight, GoOpti will buy you a new flight ticket! T&C applied.
- 24/7 live customer support

The cherry on the top

What is important for a good story? The right beginning and the perfect ending, right? It is the same with travelling. The first and the last mile of the journey are those that leave the ultimate impression. That is why travelling with GoOpti is like the cherry on the top. GoOpti makes sure your start of the journey is smooth and stress-free, as well as it takes care of a soft landing at your return.

Enjoy your journey and join the ride.


Verzija 1.14

Bug fixes and improvements.

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Ocjena: 1

Tinman5751 ,

Unreal prices

1000€ for a ride from Belgrade to Zagreb, lol...

Privatnost aplikacije

Developer GoOpti d.o.o. nije Appleu pružio pojedinosti o svojim praksama privatnosti i rukovanju podacima. Za dodatne informacije pogledajte pravila privatnosti developera.

Pojedinosti nisu pružene

Developer će morati pružiti pojedinosti o privatnosti kad pošalje sljedeće ažuriranje aplikacije.

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