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Mother Mary Meditations for Grace app
By Alana Fairchild

Mother Mary loves you unconditionally, no matter what your religious or spiritual background. Through these Alana Fairchild meditations, you will receive Mother Mary’s divine guidance for healing, so that your soul may grow bright and shine its light in the world.

Alana writes, speaks, sings and channels the many faces of the Divine that choose to serve human evolution, so that each one of us may become free, fearless and fully realized embodiments of the divine love that we are in truth.

Track Listing:

Track 1 – Eternal Flame of the Heart

Be guided into surrender and peacefully receive the healing light of Mother Mary at a deep soul level. Move through your own personal inner prayer, into her gracious peace. She holds you there in love, and surrender becomes possible through her grace, so that divine healing can truly take place within you and around you.

Track 2 – The Rosary Crown

From the energetic field of the heart, the rose of light appears within. Through peace, trust and friendship with the divine mother, a gift is bestowed – a crown of sacred roses. This rosary crown awakens you, transforming your energy field into a living fountain of nourishment for your own heart field, and overflowing with healing light. This sublime gift, available through the holy Mother Mary, heals your own heart and the heart field of all beings.

Track 3 – Mother Mary Interlude 1

A chance to deepen your meditation with the divine Mother Mary, surrendering into the sounds that call her presence forth within you. Be bathed in her energy and simply rest and restore yourself through her healing love.


- View the entire list of tracks

- Favorite tracks to create a custom playlist

- Set a daily notification to remind you to meditate

- 15-Second Forward/Backward Skip

- Repeat One or All tracks

- Set a sleep timer

- No internet connection necessary to listen

- Almost 60 minutes of meditations

Official Blue Angel Publishing licensed app

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