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Locate – unlock - drive!
Through the Spin City app step into a new era of urban mobility.
Locate free vehicles all over the city and choose one depending on your current position. Reserve the nearest vehicle in one second, unlock it with Spin City app and drive. As soon as you reach your destination, you lock it with an app and you're free to go!
Enjoy full flexibility and your journey through city.
Spin City app allows you easy access to any car 24/7.

With our app you can:
• Locate free vehicles
• Find out every important information about a vehicle, current location and fuel level
• Reserve your vehicle for 15 minutes with a single touch
• Use navigation that will help you get to your destination as soon as possible
• Unlock your car with a single touch
• Choose a package (Spin na sat?) and you can activate it right before your ride
• Lock your car through your smartphone
• You can check your history
Download Spin City app and be a part of the first car sharing service in Croatia.
Spin City service is complitely suitable to dinamic and exciting life in a big city.
Our vehicles are available at any time, anywhere and for as long as you wish for.
You don't have to worry about gas, parking, inscurance and maintnance because Spin City takes care of everything.
There is no more flexible and easy way to get from place A to a place B.
Forget about horrible traffic and waiting. Spin City waits for you, 24/7.

What do you need?
Relax. Smartphone and a driver's license is all you need for a comfortable ride through the city anytime you want.

Spin City driver earns money and saves environment.
With maximal flexibility and comfort in a city ride, Spin City also takes care of environment.
You can use conventional car, but you also have available electric cars.
Remember: with Spin City the air will be healthier. Think green. Drive Spin City!

Locate, unlock and drive, it's that simple!

Spin City earns your time and money. Saves environment and takes you anywhere you want!
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Verzija 2.2.5

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Ocjena: 3

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