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VisitQR visitor registration for institutions using QR codes, simple, fast and secure, without the need to store the data on a server

Designed to enable the digitization of data for bureaucratic forms in a single app, thus avoiding personal contact

The digitization of data and records through the QR code makes it easier to trace the data for the different institutions where the records are needed. With this technological development, we have created a dynamic, convenient and secure way to identify and track consumers, customers or visitors.

VisitQR digital offers contactless "data storage" for all types of facilities.

With our app you can ensure to avoid direct physical contact because it works with the QR code.1 Thanks to this application you can completely eliminate paper and avoid physical contact with the customer, visitor or consumer.

Try the VisitQR app for seven days free of charge.

VisitQR is aimed at all types of institutions (trade, events, tourism, educational institutions, etc.) that wish to offer this service. It is free for your customers

VisitQR forms contain the usual fields: First and last name, address, city, date, time, email and/or phone number. You can retrieve all records from your cell phone, tablet or PC.


Verzija 0.1.2

general improvements and bug fixes

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