3 tips for using 1Password

1Password - Password Manager

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Already a 1Password user? Then you know what a useful tool it is for your password management.

Take note of these three tips to unlock even more from the app.

Quickly copy passwords

Oftentimes you need to copy passwords from 1Password. But do you find the multiple taps required to do this a bit of a hassle?

There’s an easier way: swipe right on the entry of interest and you’ll find a Copy Password option. Tap this once and you’re done.

Enlarge password display

More often than not you’re copying and pasting passwords from the app. Occasionally, you have to enter them manually. And if it happens to be a randomly generated combination, getting it right on your phone screen can be fiddly.

This is where the app’s Large Type feature comes in. In addition to enlarging the password, it also colour-codes letters, numbers and symbols – so you can distinguish between characters that are otherwise easy to misread, such as the capital letter I and the number 1.

Two-step verification

Those who are scrupulous about their internet security will be familiar with two-step verification. When you log in, in addition to providing your password, you’re also asked to enter a single-use verification code.

But additional security means additional effort. Conveniently, 1Password supports processing of single-use verification codes. When you enable two-step verification for a website, generate a QR code for authentication.

Launch 1Password and select the corresponding website entry, tap Edit and select “Add new one-time password”, then scan or copy and paste that QR code. Once done, 1Password can help you quickly access single-use verification codes in future.

    1Password - Password Manager

    Generate & keep passwords safe