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Play in mysterious underwater worlds.

In 2012, famed director James Cameron, of Titanic and Avatar fame, was the first person to explore the deepest part of the Mariana Trench. At 8,166 metres deep into the trench, off the coast of Papua New Guinea, Cameron spent about three hours alone and did not see a single living creature, aside from perhaps tiny organisms. He said that he “visited another planet.”

To bring you closer to the depths that Cameron experienced five years ago, we invite you on a deep-sea journey. On your way you will find not only corals and treasures, but beautiful and terrifying sea creatures. Just stay calm as you explore the world in the deep blue ocean.

Seashine by Patrick Ellis

The underwater universe of Seashine is beautiful and mysterious. Your hero is a fragile but brave jellyfish, making its way through the darkness with the help of the tiny fluorescent fish with crystals. Don't forget to keep feeding yourself so the darkness doesn't swallow you up without a trace! The game is bound to get out of control, and your predator is lurking in the dark. Beware!


    A light in the abyss


Fish & Trip by Bloop

Once again, someone wants to eat you. The gameplay is simple: by touching another fish that looks like you, you continue the journey together. As you continue to recruit newcomers to form a school, you need to be cautious of looming, hostile creatures that will mercilessly bite your friends if they touch you.

The flip slide is that you need to maintain the size of the school or else you will become a target for attack. In this game, you will have to weigh your options carefully and sacrifices will have to be made.

    Fish & Trip

    Lead your school of fish!


Tap Tap Fish — AbyssRium by SangHeon Kim

Unlike the above-described horrors, Tap Tap Fish is a charming creation story. At the beginning, you are a small lone coralite, but with time you can grow and thrive in your environment by tapping in a bid to become master of the coral reef. To save yourself, you need to grow corals and plants, which, in turn, attract fish and other guests.

As your ecosystem develops, soon enough you will come across coral polyps, sea horses, stars, and frog fish, all of which will play around your home.

This relaxing game is perfect for those who want to dive into the sea and take in the beauty of the coral reef.

    Tap Tap Fish - AbyssRium

    My healing aquarium