Monster Hunter Stories


The roaringly popular Monster Hunter series is taken in a fun new direction in Stories.

Rather than intense real-time combat against fearsome behemoths, this jaunty role-playing game focuses on whimsical characters and turn-based battles. It’s cute and charming, yet just as exciting as the rest of the series.

Those speedy Velocidromes are vulnerable to Technical attacks. Hit ’em hard!

You play as a Rider, a youngster with the power to hatch monster eggs and befriend the beasts that emerge. These monster besties – or Monsties – come in all sizes and abilities, from the bird-like Velocidrome to the giant, poison-spewing Purple Ludroth.

Leaving your home village, you travel through a huge, vibrant world to track down the source of the Black Blight, a sinister scourge plaguing the land. Expanding and customising your squad of Monsties means finding giant eggs to hatch, often by sneaking into the dens of menacing creatures and making a white-knuckle escape with your prize in hand.

Your faithful Felyne sidekick, Navirou, dishes out advice while cracking wise.

Turn-based battles against enemy varmints play out in a lively rock-paper-scissors fashion. Is that boarish Bulldrome about to unleash a Power attack? Command your unicorn-like Kirin to let loose a Speed strike and you’ll land a mighty blow, increasing your kinship level with your Monstie. Boost that bond high enough and you’ll be able to hop onto your fierce friend’s back and make thunderous combo attacks.

Delightfully cheery but full of electrifying twists and thrills, Monster Hunter Stories is awesomely accessible for newcomers – while packing in all the lore and captivating critters that fans of this universe adore.

    Monster Hunter Stories