Turn up the volume

You'll love the sounds these apps make.

Whether you're looking to find an app that can help wake you up, stay calm and feel relaxed, or even remind you of the good old days – this selection all look and, most importantly, sound great.

Glamorous brush

Colouring has fast become a popular way to relax. As the craze has entered the digital sphere, Tayasui Color allows you to sit back and combat your stress wherever you are. Work your way through the app's vast collection of illustrations, comforted by the sounds of crinkling paper and the friction between paper and pen. Become immersed and get creative.

    Tayasui Color

    A relaxing experience


Vintage keyboard

Hanx Writer is a fantastic app. Launched by actor and typewriter fan Tom Hanks in collaboration with Hitcent, it reproduces the retro typing method for the modern age. Even if you're not a hipster, you can still appreciate the gentle, yet mechanical sounds as your fingertips find their way across the keyboard. If you're feeling nostalgic, but are looking for practicality, Hanx Writer is the perfect cure.

    Hanx Writer



Early bird song

Dawn Chorus is the perfect antidote to your regular old alarm clock. Select from a variety of bird sounds, and discover more about them by tapping on the hand-drawn images. Let yourself be exposed to the sounds of the forest, and wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day ahead. You can even return to the app during the day to listen and relax to the sounds of your favourite birds. Instant calm, anytime, every day.

    Dawn Chorus



Fine sand flows

Who would have thought that you can paint with flowing sand on your device? Well now you can, with Thisissand. Unlike sand painting (which is a thing, we promise), your device acts as an invisible glass bottle which you can fill vertically, creating new patterns and pictures with a variety of colours. Layer by layer, you'll soon become captivated by the sounds of the sand flowing therapeutically onto your canvas.


    Art, Creativity & Relaxation