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Turn an ordinary walk into an exciting game.

Get points for the distance traveled every day. The more steps every day, the more Walkies points you get.

The modern lifestyle often forces us to sit in one place for a long time. This can seriously impair health. Therefore, the main goal of Walkies is to motivate you to move more. Physical activity helps keep the body in good shape and burn excess fat, while cardio exercises strengthen the heart and vascular system.

Each thousand steps passed will have a beneficial effect on health, and Walkies scores will be an additional incentive to go for a walk.

Allow Walkies to access Motion & Fitness data to start counting steps and get points. Log in via social networks to save your progress in the application.


Verzió 1.0.1

Hello guys!
Our team is happy to provide you with regular updates.
Bugs are fixed - now the application is more stable and faster.
We're committed to making the app even better, feel free to contact anytime.

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