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Ewpe Smart brings you a brand new experience for intelligent control. it has the functions of appliances management, intelligent control, etc., which makes your life much easier.

Function introductions:
1、You can control the appliance at anytime and anywhere you like;
2、You can know the status of the appliance in real time and all changes of appliance status will be reported to you immediately。


Verzió 1.8.9

1.Fix known bugs and optimize experience

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2.4 / 5
137 értékelés

137 értékelés

s@lvador ,

No Google Home integration

Google Home integration doesn't work is the biggest problem. The message what I get all the time at pairing: "Linked. Something went wrong."
I used with Proklima Purity (2.6 kW) mobil klima from Bauhaus. After I turned off the air condition I can't turn on because the app doesn't see the it. I have to switch on by hand.
This is a terrible app. It's a shame... Bauhaus also... I don't recommend!

Tomi.2112 ,

The worst app in the history

First of all, the installation of the application is over complicated, it took me like 30 minutes, but I managed to pair with my AC. Then sometimes I cannot control the AC via app because it shows the AC disconnected and I have to plug it again, although its always connected to electricity. If not this, then it shows me network request timed out failure. Then suddenly somehow its working again. The english in the menus is google translated, the settings of the AC are unknown, like health or SE, I do not know what they are actually doing.

It’s really annoying because the device itself was around 1000€ and works perfectly, but this application is a shitshow. For this money, I wanted to have a good application, but thats what we got. Btw I am using a Fishcer AC.

Tr3kk ,

Does it all

People write reviews only when unhappy with the app. Let me be different. This app does all as advertised. Yes the interface needs some brush up to reduce the learning curve, but with some practice you can use it to reach all functions necessary. And I join the request show room temperature in the app.


Zhuhai Landa Compressor Co., Ltd.
265.4 MB

A(z) iOS 8.0 vagy újabb verziója szükséges. Kompatibilis készülékek: iPhone, iPad és iPod touch.


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