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Now you can check your glucose as easily as you check your email.

Introducing the Guardian™ Connect continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system. The Guardian Connect system uses a tiny sensor to measure glucose levels in fluid just below the skin. It takes readings all day and night and sends them to your phone via a small wireless transmitter, so you can see how you’re doing anytime.

With the Guardian Connect mobile app, you can see your most recent glucose data, your glucose trends over time, your sensor and your transmitter status. You can also receive alerts to notify you when you’re going above or below your preferred range and keep track of daily events which may impact your glucose levels.

Your mobile app also sends your data to CareLink™ Personal therapy management software, so you can see your full information online and share your information with family or friends. Those closest to you can even receive SMS messages whenever you go out of range!

To use the Guardian Connect system, you will need the Guardian Connect transmitter and sensor as well as this app!

* Not compatible with MiniMed pumps.


Verzió 3.2.5

Thank you for using Guardian Connect! We have made the following updates:
• Additional bug fixes and improvements

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27 értékelés

"MÁRK_79" ,

No updates and bug fixis, does not work with IOS14 reliably

In IOS14, the app does not display sensor data that was aquired while the sensor was disconnected. It only shows data when the sensor is connected, so when I turn my phone on at the morning, or I just open the app again after it was closed for some time, I can’t see any sensor data retrospectively. Also, every time the app starts, it displays a message about not being compatible with IOS14. Firstly, this is very annoying, and secondly, a medical app should be updated very often, but from what I see, this is not the case. Also when my sensor reconnects to the phone, there are often ghost periods when no glucose data is recieved, (or at least displayed), but the app says completely random notifications with wrong or non-existing data in them. I have no other chioce, but to use this app, since this is the only sensor available in my region. The team behind a medical app should respond to these issues, and fix the problems that me and other users are complaining about.

katanovember ,

Wrong this program

the program does not work. does not update the values ​​it measures when I am not near the phone. please correct this error so I will miss a lot of data. this is the one program so we are exposed to this program. and it would be good to have some innovation to know more. Thanks in advance.

Voroszozo ,


Please update the software to IOS14 !!!!!!!!

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