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The Iron Muscle bodybuilding and fitness game has returned and this time in 3D!

First, create your bodybuilder. You can choose the skin color, eyes, hair and hair color at the start.

Explore the beach while working out in the iron muscle gym and if you are lucky you can pick up the most beautiful girl on the island!

- Create your character and build muscles!
- Customize your character! You can select hairs, facial hairs, hats, pants, shoes, and sunglasses.
- Try out more than 10 different training mode (gym & street workout) and mini games like boxing and armwrestling.
- Realistic animations for each exercise.
- Find every bodybuilder on the island!
- Pick up the hottest girl!

Discover everything that the iron muscle beach has to offer!
You can try our weights, fit balls, treadmill and many weight gain bodybuilding exercises and enjoy the fun of gym workout. So try out these weight training exercises or fitness exercises and gain fast. But do not forget to meditate for a complete workout.
Work with your fingers and try all mini arcade fintess games, to get bigger, harder, stronger!
Would you like gain faster? Go to the nutrition shop and choose from our supplements like protein, vitamin, fat burner or creatine!
If your character use this supplements, the muscles grow faster or tired slowly, so not think about nutritions, just use it!
Abs is a very important muscle group! Train abdominals in fit mats on the beach gym!

To reach the perfect body, you have to do the following excercises - combines bodybuilding fitness and powerlifting workouts:
(Every workout, build other muscles)
• Chest: Bench press - To look like a superhero
• Biceps: Dumbbell alternate bicep curl - To have the greatest arm on the beach
• Shoulders : seated side lateral raise - guaranteed to help you build a massive upper body
• Triceps press - horseshoe triceps that pop
• Abdominals - reach six pack abs
• Calf press - increasing calf mass
• Squat - never skip leg day
• Cardio training - Stay in surprise!

• Pushups - one of the most basic but effective moves for strength and conditioning
• Pullups - build a bigger back

If you tired, you need some energy to bodybuilding. Eat something, or rest few hours to refill your energy and keep on working out to fit, becouse bodybuilding never gonna stop.
Meet the islands inhabitants to customize your appearance.

• Shoes: Because you cant train your legs without shoes!
• Pants: surfer, old or new style? you can choose, what you want
• Hats: simple or backward baseball caps and hats to look good
• Sunglasses: if you need to hide something just wear sunglasses
• Hairdresser: You can choose 8 hair style
• Barber: Choose from 5 facial hair style

- You can use supplements to grow faster. like protein, fat burner, creatine and other stuffs for use biger weights, faster grow, and for nice exercises and fitness trainings
- Spin the wheel of fortune to get some extra cash every day!
- Find all the hidden beach balls on the island!

If you have any problem, please write in mail!


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