The Play Impossible Gameball™ is an active gaming system that brings the digital action indoors and outdoors with free connected ball games you can play on your own or with friends. The app now has 10 free games, and more are on the way! More than ‘just a ball,’ the inflatable Gameball is embedded with patent-pending sensor technology that connects to the Play Impossible app via Bluetooth, bringing a new twist to a favorite play and sport object.

Connect, compete and challenge your ball skill with the popular new game Impossible; see how long it takes to reach your vertical limit in Skyscraper; use brains and brawn in a new version of ‘keep away’ with Jostle. See how fast you can throw or how much spin you can get in Sport Labs.

The Play Impossible Gameball is recommended for ages nine and higher. When your Gameball runs low on energy, refuel in 20 seconds with the Rapid Charger for another complete hour of fun!

Play Impossible Gameball™ is sold separately from this application. Check the Play Impossible website (http://www.playimpossible.com) for locations to purchase a Gameball.

Please be aware that because of the significant number of different models, variants, and manufacturing standards of available devices, Play Impossible can only assure the compatibility of devices that we actively test internally. Please look on the Play Impossible website (http://www.playimpossible.com/support) for the list of the devices that we actively use in development.


Verzió 1.6.31

Thanks for checking out the Play Impossible Gameball! This update includes a fix in Sport Labs where we we had mislabeled the metric unit of kilometers per hour. You can now also export the raw accelerometer data from Sport Labs to graph and play with on your own! The build also includes other small fixes and update to make your experience better.

As always, let us know what you think!


Play Impossible Corporation
129.7 MB

A(z) iOS 8.0 vagy újabb verziója szükséges. Kompatibilis készülékek: iPhone, iPad és iPod touch. Apple TV.



4+ besorolású
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