A beginner's guide to puzzle games

Yes, it’s a joy to play, but just because you love Candy Crush Saga doesn't mean it should be the only puzzle game you play. Looking for a new challenge? Here’s a quick guide to the different puzzle-game genres and the must-play apps in each.

Match three

Like your favoured Candy Crush offering, these games all see you line up three or more items (be they vegetables, sweets or toys) to make them magically disappear. Easy to learn, challenging to master and always thrilling, they require you to complete objectives within a limited number of moves. Cookie Jam is a popular choice for match-three fans. And you can’t go wrong with Homescapes and Toy Blast.

    Cookie Jam - Match 3 Games

    Cookies & Candy Puzzle Game



    Your home is your puzzle


    Toy Blast

    Pop the cubes, solve puzzles!


Word problems

If you’d rather play with letters, there are plenty of options. Letter Fridge challenges you to make as many words as you can by sliding around magnets on a fridge. Or, if you’re the competitive type, try pitting your vast vocabulary against online opponents in Words with Friends 2.

    Letter Fridge

    A cool new word search game!


    Words With Friends 2 Word Game

    Fun Word Puzzle & Brain Games!


Hidden Objects

These games require a sharp eye and a quick finger. You’ll encounter detailed scenes littered with items, and your task is to identify and tap on specific objects as quickly as possible. Criminal Case: Pacific Bay and NCIS: Hidden Crimes are great games to start with.

    Criminal Case: Pacific Bay

    Crime Scene Investigation Game


Adventure Time

Looking for more? How about an engaging storyline, compelling characters and multiple conflicts to link all those challenges? Old Man’s Journey is an elegant example, blending a moving narrative with clever puzzle design while Agent A has beautiful visuals and puzzles that demand creative thinking.

    Old Man's Journey

    A game about life, loss & hope


    Agent A: A puzzle in disguise

    A secret agent escape room


Sliding Tiles

You’ll find elements of match-three games here, but success requires a bit more planning. As you try to keep the board clear, you can see the next tile that's about to enter into play, so plan your moves accordingly. Start with one of our favourites, Threes!, and if you haven’t played Kenshō, you should absolutely check out its gorgeous puzzles.

    Threes! Freeplay

    The original number slider



    Open the door to a new world