Epic RPG adventure awaits

Explore and survive Eora in Pillars of Eternity I and II.

A strange plague ravages the Drywood. Infants are born without souls, alive but lifeless. As Watcher, your ability to speak with the dead gives you the unique chance to find a cure. But first you must cure yourself of the terrifying visions that torment you.

So begins the Pillars of Eternity series, which artfully rekindles the magic of classic role-playing games. In Drywood and the world of Eora, you’ll explore lost ruins, battle legendary foes and argue with gods. Arguing, in fact, is as much of the fun as the skirmishes and exploration. Pillars often draws you into morally grey quandaries in which your choices have far-reaching consequences. So choose wisely (or recklessly) and see what happens!

The companions you travel with aren’t just your comrades in arms. Accept the side quests they suggest to get to know their intricate histories. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself becoming emotionally invested in their life stories.

Your character is thoroughly customisable. Choose your gender, race, character class and biography. You can even retrain your characters, should you want to modify your play style. Tweak the difficulty level at any point on your journey. Story mode lets you enjoy the narrative without being overwhelmed by combat.

Pillars II picks up five years after the first game. Eothas, god of light and rebirth, has awakened, inhabiting a colossal statue and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. He has also stolen a shard of your soul, which you must recover or perish. Your hunt takes you to uncharted islands aboard a ship of your own.

Along with new lands and characters, Pillars II introduces a new class system, lusher graphics, richer interactions and a ship-to-ship combat system that befits a true high-seas adventure. Characters from Pillars I return in the sequel (you can also import your hero from the first game), but each game is self-contained – a rich world you can spend an eternity exploring.

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