Streamline Your News Updates

Tap to learn how RSS can help corral news stories.

Really simple syndication—better known as RSS—is an enduringly useful technology that collects online articles from various sources in one convenient place. The following RSS apps collate the news you need into a digestible feed you can read at your leisure.

For beginners

These apps will help you establish a daily news habit, discover new content, and subscribe to updates right away.

For power users

If you’ve been RSSing since the early days, chances are your feeds are already well established. What you need is a reliable, no-frills, distraction-free reading environment. Here are some choices.

For after-hours readers

Too busy to read in the middle of the day? Two popular apps designed to save articles for later work beautifully in tandem with RSS readers. To set up a system that works for you:

1. Save an article to Instapaper or Pocket by using the share extension.

2. Link your account in the RSS reader, and the app will pull in saved articles as part of your main feed.