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Reshape reality with Mojang’s groundbreaking AR game.

Minecraft Earth

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With Minecraft Earth, everyone’s favourite way to create virtual worlds has finally broken into the real one.

This made-for-mobile follow-up turns your surroundings into a veritable Minecraft playground. Walk around collecting tappables – resources, creatures and decorations – that can be used to form amazing structures in augmented reality (AR).

Meet the moobloom, a cuddly animal unique to Minecraft Earth.

Building blocks

Creating a miniature diorama is as easy as finding a flat surface. A stone house on tall wooden stilts? A subterranean lair packed with cuddly pigs and creepy skeletons? With a little imagination, you can bring those visions to life – and admire them from every angle.

Your town has been Minecraft-ed! Get moving to pick up nearby oak, redstone and other collectibles.

Sizing it up

And it goes even bigger. Find a large, open space and blow your building up into a fully interactive, life-size structure.

Thanks to ARKit 3’s People Occlusion tech, you’ll step through doorways and around all the meandering critters. Which makes for a shockingly convincing virtual 3D space, especially when you invite a friend to explore and reshape what you’ve constructed.

“We jumped through hoops to use occlusion because it meaningfully changes how people feel,” explains Minecraft creative director Saxs Persson. “They feel like part of the game. It’s a big step toward a fully immersive experience.”

A pig, a torch and a tree with a door. Make whatever you want!

Crafting the future

Minecraft Earth isn’t just about creativity. With the special AR adventures that periodically pop up on your map, it’s also about survival. In one, you might hunt for treasure; in another, you and a friend could ward off marauding mobs. And because adventures are randomly generated, a new one always awaits.

The same creative, unpredictable spirit that has made the original so beloved flows through Minecraft Earth. But the real excitement is what this bold new world will one day become.

“When Minecraft came out 10 years ago, it was very simple,” says Torfi Olafsson, the game’s director. “We’re looking at Minecraft Earth the same way: We’ve created a foundation that we will continue to develop – and we’ll be doing that in conjunction with the community. Who knows where it’s gonna go?”

    Minecraft Earth

    Minecraft Your World