The strangest sounds to fall asleep to

Some sounds are incredibly effective in lulling our brains into a deep and satisfying sleep. For many people the gentle sloshing of waves on a rocky shore, or the whispering of wind in trees is the perfect way to aid dropping off.

For others, these gentle offerings simply don’t cut it. Fortunately, there are a slew of fantastic sleep sound apps that can cater for everyone – even those that need something a little more unorthodox to get their zzz on.

Highland pipes

As well as its carefully crafted soundscapes, Sleepiest’s fantastic composer mode lets you put your own soundscape together, which gives you a range of options from the familiar rains to crackling fires. And there is no shortage of out-there options as well. Including bagpipes.

Now, just to be clear, we’ve got absolutely nothing against this most traditional of Scottish musical instruments; we’re just flabbergasted that this is a sound that works for lulling people into sleep. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones for whom this will do the trick!

Peaceful alternative
If a piper isn’t going to lure you into a snooze you could consider Sleepiest’s ready-made Scottish Highlands soundscape which offers babbling brooks, birdsong and some gentle melodic noise in the background.

    Sleepiest: Sleep with Sounds

    Music & Stories For Sleeping


Shih Tzu snoring

Rain Rain Sleep Sounds brings a huge selection of sounds for you, including thunderstorms and good old standard white noise. But if you're looking for something a little left-field, how about the snoring of a small dog?

Yep, that’s right – for the dog lovers out there, this authentic recording captures the distinctive, if not necessarily peaceful, sleep snortings of a cute little Shih Tzu.

Peaceful alternative
If a noisy snoring dog isn’t your bag, you could check out the gentle Crickets chirruping their night-time call, or the sloshing of waves in Ocean Pier.

    Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

    Sleep to Nature & White Noise!


Cutting hair

When you’re wearing headphones, Sleep Orbit virtually moves the sounds around your head — allowing you to build up a soundscape to suit your tastes from a library of over 100 samples.

Indeed, if you ever find yourself nodding off when you’re at the hairdresser or barber’s then perhaps you should check out the haircutting options – including the snipping of scissors. We’re going to suggest this might be suitable for a fringe audience.

Peaceful alternative
If you don’t find the sound of someone scraping blades together around your head relaxing, how about a more traditional rolling thunder, which really takes advantage of the headphones as it orbits your head.

    Sleep Orbit: Relaxing 3D Sound

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