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Conecworld is a community which provides paths for one to become more productive, unique mind-opening thinker, and to have the sense of togetherness in order to be prosperous, collaboratively.

We understand that customer's trust is the most important thing in business; customer-centered business is an everlasting business.

As we are trying our best to satisfy our customer, here we are forming a community called Conecworld, and we invite you to become Conectizen: the member of Conecworld.

We know that every customer has unique and different needs. In the other hand, we also understand that all customers have one common purpose, to live a better life. A prosperous life can only be achieved with mutual collaboration between customers and stakeholders.

We summarize these characteristics into two words: UNIQUE & UNITY; and so we call it UNIQTY.

In UNIQTY, we run businesses with a common goal, empowering our customers to live a prosperous life.

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Versi 2.0.1

Introducing Conecworld App 2.0!

This update brings major redesign to Conecworld App, as well as a ton of new features

All-New Design and Experience
Learn how to start a successful business from the experts in Business Guides Section
Stay connected with Conecworld from News Section
Consult with experts on Business, Law, Technology and more, inside Consultation Section
Discover Events, Seminars, and Classes on Event Section
Build comprehensive profile with our Profile Page
Register as Conectizen to access Event creation and Register as Consultant

Conectizen Support with Live Chat Features

Privasi App

Pengembang, Conecworld, menunjukkan bahwa praktik privasi app dapat menyertakan penanganan data sebagaimana yang dijelaskan di bawah. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat kebijakan privasi pengembang.

Data Tidak Dikumpulkan

Pengembang tidak akan mengumpulkan data apa pun dari app ini.

Praktik privasi mungkin bervariasi, misalnya, praktik privasi berdasarkan fitur yang digunakan atau usia Anda. Pelajari Lebih Lanjut


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    App ini dapat digunakan hingga enam anggota keluarga dengan mengaktifkan fitur Keluarga Berbagi.

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