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Engaging Life - Start engaging the digital world with your children.

Notes : The Genio Parent App can only be used together with Genio Phone for the children.
Please visit us on to find more information or to get Genio Phone for your children.

Geniora Phone by Geniora strives to connect children and parents as they explore the possibilities the digital era and technology brings. The Geniora Parent App provide a balanced solution for children and parents, allowing children to enjoy their smartphone without ignoring the safety brought by parental advisory. The app allows parents to set the principle foundation and parameter for their children in using their digital devices every day, teaching them how to be responsible in using the smartphone.

Now, you can connect and engage with your children’s smart phone easily by using the Geniora Phone and Geniora Parent App. Simply scan the QR code provided in Geniora Phone with Geniora Parent App and then voila! You and your children are now ready to connect!

Our features enable you to:
1. Get your children’s attention (Please Listen!)
The digital world and technology can be so fascinating to your children. Genio Phone helps you to get your children’s best attention, reminding them to engage in healthy interaction outside their smartphone. We enables you to interact with their phone, guiding them to remember their responsibilities, such as studying, prayer time, sleeping, and many more.
2. Plan their days and activities ahead (Scheduler)
Our scheduler feature enables busy parents to aid their children develop a healthy routine. By setting the scheduler, the Genio Phone will be automatically set to follow the activities you plan ahead for your children.
3. Select appropriate apps for your children and the right time to access it (Mode of use)
4. Secure your children’s location easily to provide your immediate assistance in time of need (Geo-localization)
5. Assuring their security and protection (SOS protection)
The Geniora Phone will immediately call the parent’s phone when your children press the SOS button, assuring their security and protection.

We still have more features in order to help you find the perfect balance in incorporating technology to your children’s day-to-day activities.

Start engaging with them right now!

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