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Indocodex Official iOS App.

Indocodex is the latest decentralized exchange offering that allows you to trade digital assets at greater convenience and safety. Being a decentralized exchange, we don't have a centralized repository to store your assets and therefore it is safer for the users.

With this we proudly presents

Trade Digital Assets

Indocodex gives you the ability to trade digital assets like Rajacoin, Rajagas, Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. We also accept deposits via IDR through partnerships with several local banks.

Continuous Trading

We equip our trading platform with easy to use interface and tools to help you execute trading strategies with clinical precision. We also allow you to trade continuously for 24 hours daily, seven days a week with almost no downtime.

Why you should choose Indocodex?

We provide you with the perfect entry into the world of digital assets with simple to use interface and plethora of trading tools to get you started right away!

Highly Secure Environment

We put a lot of emphasis on being a decentralized exhange versus a centralized one. Our decentralized model means we never hold your assets. Your assets are kept in your own secure wallet. All our trades are done and recorded on the blockchain.

Multiple connectivity

We provide flexibility in connecting to our platform through our iOS app. You can choose where you want to trade from and wherever you want to trade from.


Fiat deposits and withdrawals are executed within 1x24 hours. We will ensure that all processes are performed in an efficient way.

Always on Customer Service

We provide always-on CS chatgroups as well as a support ticketing system which will answer all your questions as soon as possible. Our friendly CS is always available for you should you have any questions.

Start trading with Indocodex and enjoy the world of digital assets, today!

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Versi 1.1.6

New Update:
- General Optimization
- Change BASE API

Privasi App

Pengembang, Cornerstone Prime Capital (S) Pte Ltd, menunjukkan bahwa praktik privasi app dapat menyertakan penanganan data sebagaimana yang dijelaskan di bawah. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat kebijakan privasi pengembang.

Data Tidak Dikumpulkan

Pengembang tidak akan mengumpulkan data apa pun dari app ini.

Praktik privasi mungkin bervariasi, misalnya, praktik privasi berdasarkan fitur yang digunakan atau usia Anda. Pelajari Lebih Lanjut


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    App ini dapat digunakan hingga enam anggota keluarga dengan mengaktifkan fitur Keluarga Berbagi.

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