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Learn languages with native speakers in 1-on-1 online lessons or make money teaching languages online!

italki is a language learning app and online language platform that connects language students with language teachers from across the globe. italki is for anyone who wants to learn a new language in the most effective way: with 1-on-1 online language lessons.

Our experienced language teachers will personalize your lessons based on your interests, skill level, and learning pace. Whether you're learning for school, work, travel, exams, or just learning to dive into the culture, you can always find the most experienced teachers to meet your needs.

Unlike other language learning apps, you can learn from native speakers who will turn classroom conversations into real-life scenarios.

Forget about monthly subscriptions and expensive language course packages. On italki, you pay per lesson. You can top up your italki Wallet and pay per lesson without any subscription, bookings fees, or contracts.

Language teachers set their own fees starting at $8 for certified teachers and $4 for tutors. Trial lessons start from $1 to try out. We offer affordable lessons that are up to 30% cheaper than in-person teachers.

150+ LANGUAGES // 10,000,000+ LESSONS BOOKED
You want to learn Spanish? On italki you can connect with hundreds of professional Spanish teachers or private tutors. Looking to improve your English? No problem, our experienced English teachers are here to help. Whether you're looking to brush up on your conversation skills, pronunciation, or learn a new language altogether, on italki you’ll find the best language tutor to grow with.

Language learning on italki is easy and convenient. All you need to do is:

1. Choose your language teacher by price, specialties, country of origin, and more.
2. Book your first language lesson at a time and date that suit you.
3. Connect with your teacher via video chat software, and let the learning begin!

Now, you can learn different languages with professional teachers and native speakers from the comfort of your home or office. Language learning has never been easier!

Discover the italki language community where you can ask any questions, get feedback on grammar, spelling, and practice a foreign language with other students for FREE! Whether you’re catching up on personalized content, hot topics, or engaging with the community news feed, learning a foreign language on italki goes beyond the classroom.

Are you a native speaker who loves teaching languages and meeting new people? No matter if you’re a certified teacher or not, you can become a language tutor on italki and get paid to help others learn a language.
As an italki teacher, you can:
- Earn money online
- Set your own prices and hours
- Teach on your schedule
- Teach from anywhere you want

italki—the difference between memorizing vocabulary and carrying a conversation. Accelerate your language journey today. #SpeakFromExperience

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Better, faster, smoother. We spent this week getting rid of some bugs so your italki experience is even better.

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4,7 dari 5
37 Penilaian

37 Penilaian

Megusti ,

Great App to Learn Languages

This app is very practical and I love it. The new app is nice with their new interface and new additional features. However there are also some features missing, like friends list, activity status, customized language partner search, etc, so I prefer the older version better.

Respons Pengembang ,

Thank you for your kind feedback, and we will take your kind feedback into further consideration.

luthfi elfian ,

Pembayarannya susah

Pembayarannya susah sekali. Sudah berki kali menggunakan kartu kredit yang beda tapi tetep gk bisa. Semoga ada pembayaran lain seperti gopay

Respons Pengembang ,

Hello luthfi, we're sorry to know that your payment is not going trough. We advise you to reach out first to your bank and card provider (since italki is a USD platform all payments are in USD - make sure your card is habilitated). If your bank/card provider confirms that's all good from your side, please reach out and further investigations will be held. Thanks!

xuxeyy ,

Can’t send message and reply

I can’t find send messages and reply to other people comments. How to fix it?

Respons Pengembang ,

Hello Xuxeyy, if you're a new user you can post 3 times per day only (comments included), after 7 days, you can create or comment 10 posts every 5 minutes. Contact our Support if you have further enquiries or doubt.

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