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SafeExamBrowser (SEB) is a secure kiosk web browser environment used to carry out e-assessments that run on exam servers. SEB opens a web browser without an address and search bar, loads a pre-configured webpage and locks an iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) into a single app kiosk mode. This mode prevents students from switching to other apps, accessing websites and communicating with other students during an exam. SEB enables secure exams on unmanaged iOS devices like students' own iPads as well as on iOS devices owned and managed by an institution. SEB doesn't use a centralized server or cloud service; it can be configured with an API, configuration files, links and QR codes. It can be used with most web-based quiz and e-assessment systems. For improved security and usability, some exam systems provide additional built-in support for SEB. Currently, SEB integrates especially well with learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, ILIAS, OpenOLAT and with several non-commercial and commercial exam systems, such as Inspera Assessment, Dugga, or EvaExam.

SEB uses one of the single app modes provided by iOS. After an exam is submitted, SEB can automatically end the app self-lock kiosk mode (an exam invigilator could also use a quit password to end the SEB exam session and unlock the device if necessary).

SEB features an optional Dock displaying buttons for various commands. Instead or in addition, a left slider menu shows a list of open browser tabs and commands which can be used to (if enabled in settings) quit an exam session, jump back to the start page of an exam, reload a web page, and navigate back/forward in the browsing history.

SEB for iOS uses the same format for encrypted .seb configuration files as the SEB versions for other platforms. Those config files allow to individually configure SEB to display the start page of an exam system or an exam portal page with a list of links to current exams. If SEB for iOS is installed using a mobile device management (MDM) system, its initial configuration can easily be deployed using the "MDM Managed Configuration" feature. You can also directly start an exam with an individual configuration in SEB for iOS using a special config hyperlink. This link can be opened by examinees from Safari, Mail or a messenger app. In addition, you can use QR codes containing SEB links or even full, individual configurations. An exam can directly be started in SEB by using the iOS Camera app or the built-in QR code scanner.

SEB also works together with Apple Classroom, teachers can start individually configured exams on all student devices. See for more information.

SafeExamBrowser for iOS was developed by Daniel R. Schneider, ETH Zurich, IT Services, based on the original idea of Safe Exam Browser by Stefan Schneider, University of Giessen
Project concept: Thomas Piendl, Daniel R. Schneider, Damian Büchel, Andreas Hefti, Nadim Ritter, Dirk Bauer, Michael Kern, Kai Reuter, Tobias Halbherr, Karsten Burger, Marco Lehre, Brigitte Schmucki, Oliver Rahs.

Safe Exam Browser is released as freeware. The code is subject to the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (the "License"); you may only use these files in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at .

Important parts of this project have been carried out as part of the program "AAA/SWITCH – e-Infrastructure for e-Science" led by SWITCH, the Swiss National Research and Education Network and the cooperative project "Learning Infrastructure" (part of the CRUS program "Information scientifique: accès, traitement et sauvegarde") coordinated by SWITCH, and was supported by funds from the ETH Board and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

Yang Baru

Versi 3.3.3

• Removed the Autofill Contacts/Passwords context menu item in text fields on iOS 17.
• Also removed the "Share..." context menu item (which is anyways blocked by the AAC Assessment Mode). Note that the "Translate" context menu item cannot be removed currently (not covered by API, but also blocked by AAC).
• Fixed wrong browser toolbar height in iPhone landscape mode on iOS 17 and after rotating an iPad with iPadOS 17.
• Fixed Search text icon had a text field background color on iOS 16/17.
• Display deprecation warning when classic WebView is used.
• Added setting in Browser Features pane to disable deprecation warning when classic WebView is used.
• Now using an alternative method to add the SEB User Agent string in HTTP Headers with classic WebView. This avoids compatibility issues when an assessment system with SEB integration doesn't yet support the modern WebView (doesn't use the SEB Javascript API to query ConfigKey/BrowserExamKey).
This fix nevertheless is no reason to delay implementing support for the modern WebView in SEB integrations. Any iOS update may break support for the classic WebView (UIWebView) finally!
• Added new setting in Browser Features pane to reload the full page after a connection error (instead of loading the failed URL). This is a workaround for some LMS/assessment system issues e.g. in Moodle.
• Fixed: When using the optional SEB Server, locking the client didn't work.
• Fixed crash when scaling already scaled dynamic font in lock and About SEB screens.
• Fixed German localization in in-app-settings.

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ngawi g bos ,

asa lo tau y dek

gwe ulangan g prnh ketat begini. smnjk ada lo hdp w ancyur. cowo w aj ga seketat dan seposesif itu-!

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Bocah smp ,


Apk ini belum pantas di indonesia yang para gurunya jarang masuk kelas eh minta muridnya buat gak nyontek😁🙏🏼benerin dulu kualitas guru nya negeri ini baru pake apk ini🫡

Privasi App

Pengembang, ETH Zurich, menunjukkan bahwa praktik privasi app dapat menyertakan penanganan data sebagaimana yang dijelaskan di bawah. Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, lihat kebijakan privasi pengembang.

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