Mastering the Final Frontier

How to build an empire at warp speed in Star Trek Fleet Command.

Star Trek Fleet Command

MMO Strategy SciFi Warfare


Just started exploring the vast universe of Star Trek Fleet Command? With these expert tips, you’ll have an ace in the (worm)hole as you fight your way across the Alpha Quadrant.

Once you’ve explored a star system, its sensor data is permanently relayed to your starbase, so you can scan through it anytime.

Preparing to boldly go

Early on, your starships only have enough power to reach low-level systems. But you can boost your warp-drive range by upgrading vessels – and building powerful new ones like Ambassador Spock’s Jellyfish. That’s how you’ll find Nausicaans, Andorians, Gorn, and other factions offering lucrative missions.

Remember that your starbase’s location has no effect on your range. The number of systems between you and a destination doesn’t matter; your ship just needs warp drives of a certain strength to enter a system.

Like rock-paper-scissors, every ship type – Explorer, Interceptor, Battleship – is stronger or weaker than another type. Memorise this combat triangle before heading into battle!

Place that base

Your starbase can move among distant systems – it isn’t fixed in space. Relocate it to reduce your travel time when hunting or gathering resources.

To do so, first recall and dock all of your ships, then tap on another system. If it has planets that can support starbases (denoted by a special icon) and enough free space, tap Relocate Base to give yourself a new home. Just keep in mind that making the jump requires a Relocation Token, which you can acquire during missions and every few days in your free chests.

Craving crystals

Early on, you’ll unlock a series of Combat Training missions in which you’ll fight increasingly tough hostiles. Winning these battles yields great rewards – including Dilithium, a resource that’s very hard to come by. Use it to fuel your early starbase construction.

In the heat of battle, you’ll be thankful you refined rare materials to upgrade your ships.

Refining rules

As your player level approaches the teens, you’ll unlock the Refinery – the place you’ll process the raw Crystal, Gas, and Ore you’ve mined. Construct this critical building as soon as the research becomes available.

Initially, refined materials have two levels: Common and Uncommon. As your level hits around 18 to 20, Uncommon materials will start showing up more and more frequently – and they’re some of the most useful upgrades in the galaxy. Uncommon materials can make your vessels extremely powerful, and some key building upgrades require them.

Keep your Refinery running as much as possible. And remember, if you’ve stockpiled enough raw materials (grab those mining nodes), you can even do double or triple batches at higher levels.

Three empires, three paths to victory. Pick one and dig in!

Choose your side

At around level 20, you’ll gain access to systems inside Federation, Romulan, and Klingon space. Commit to one of these factions when scenarios prompt you – or just dive into the conflict by destroying one faction’s ships to build your reputation with the other two.

Once you earn 500 points with a faction, they’ll start offering you Daily Goals to mine resources or destroy enemies. Completing objectives gives you a big reputation boost and some handy faction credits. Eventually, you may even be entrusted with powerful, unique ships. Keep at it, and a Klingon B’Rel-class Bird-of-Prey – or even the Enterprise – could be yours!

    Star Trek Fleet Command

    MMO Strategy SciFi Warfare