Saving up for a vacation

It’s that time of the year where you have to start making holiday plans. But in order to make that dream getaway to Japan happen, you’ll want to track your expenses so you know you’re not overspending. It may seem like a difficult balancing act, so we’ve put together this collection of apps that will keep your money matters organised and help you avoid those impulse purchases.

To start you off, Money Lover is just like having a diary for your finances, giving you your money stats at a glance. Once you have that information locked down, using Today will tie in perfectly because it will track your spending habits.

Being able to afford all the experiences on your holiday wish list is entirely feasible if you have the right resources. You can thank us later when you’re relaxing in a Japanese ryokan.

    Wally Next

    Track & budget your expenses.


    Fortune City - Expense Tracker

    Cute game for expense tracking


    Money Lover: Expense Tracker

    #1 Expense Tracker, Budget App


    Money Pro: Personal Finance

    Spending Tracker, Home Budget


    Spendee Budget & Money Tracker

    Manage your personal finances


    Today Habit tracker

    For to-dos, routines & goals


    Pennies – Budget and Expenses

    The everyday money tracker