Accessorizer is Xcode's No.1 companion and a huge time-saver. With more than 40 code generation actions featuring flexible coding styles, Accessorizer enables you to develop and deliver your iOS and Mac OS X applications much faster and with fewer mistakes.

Accessorizer 3.0 brings you ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) , full screen Xcode support and many other new features. Now, more than ever, you can remain focused on your source with virtually no switching between Xcode and Accessorizer.

Be sure to consult the all new Accessorizer Help Guide for important changes:

Accessorizer features Xcode activation and auto-paste of results at Xcode’s current insertion point. These options can reduce code generation to just one or two keystrokes.

Accessorizer removes the tedium of writing boilerplate Objective-C, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch code. Fully customizable, including configuration sets, Accessorizer can accommodate almost any coding style to meet your needs.

Leveraging Services and allowing you to stay focused in Xcode, Accessorizer does a lot more than generate accessors or @property and @synthesize statements. This "must-have dev tool" can generate code for init, keypaths, keyed-archiving, indexed accessors, accessors for unordered collections such as NSSet, copyWithZone, KVO, key-validation, singleton overrides, dealloc, setNilForKey, non-standard attribute persistence (Core Data), locking, headerdoc, convert method to selector, NSUndoManager methods and more including IBOutlet Detection, NSCopying protocol detection, delegate detection with assignment, setting your UIKit views to nil in -viewDidUnload {...}, sorting your ivar declarations, property and synthesize statements, -dealloc {...}, -viewDidUnload {...} methods, generate constants for properties or constants for strings... and more.

Accessorizer all new setup & help guide:

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" ... A must-have app for Cocoa developers ..."

" ... Accessorizer is amazing, I can't imagine programming in Cocoa without it ..."

" ... Solidly one of the most useful dev apps ever!..."

" ... Accessorizer has changed the way I write code. I have gained hours per day in increased productivity. "

" ... I can't praise Accessorizer enough. It's amazingly small and blazingly fast!..."

" ... Indispensable. Easily the most important tool for writing Cocoa code other
than Xcode itself..."

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What’s New

Version 3.0.1

* New action in Action Menu and Action Panel for intiWith: (declaration) generation.
* NSLog() can now be generated in accessor overrides from Action Menu and Action Panel
* Fixed missing pointer when generating initWith: method from the main Accessorizer interface. 
Generating from the Action Menu or Action Panel didn’t have the issue.
* Fixed missing quotes on <key> in will/did access/change wrappers in setter override when
 generating from Action Menu or Action Panel.
* Moved the -description override to follow -descriptionForKeyPaths: to avoid compiler warning.
* Removed extra space before semi-colon when generating Protocol Stubs from definitions.
* Removed extraneous pointer to id when last element in an initWith: signature was of type id.


Kevin Callahan
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OS X 10.6.6 or later



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