3 essential apps for freelancers

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Portfolio careers, “slashies”, the gig economy. Whatever you call it, more of us than ever work for ourselves.

Being freelance means needing to keep track of multiple pieces of work for several clients and staying on top of all your business expenses and tax returns. Whether you work from a home office, a workspace or the “coffice” these tools will make sure you can organise your workflow and your income.

Total time tracking

If you want to keep on top of how much you should be billing, track the hours you work on each project with Freework.

As well as manual time logging, you can also use the geofencing feature to set up working locations, so that the app automatically starts tracking your time when you reach a client's office, for example. You can also create invoices in the app which will pull in your timesheet data.

    Freework: Timesheet & Invoice

    Time Tracking for Freelancer


Superior screen space

Working from home – or, indeed, from the local coffee shop – needn’t mean compromising on desk setup thanks to Duet Display.

This incredibly useful app turns your iPad into an ultra-portable second screen for your Mac or PC. You’ll have the added benefit of a touchscreen monitor and there is no lag at all. Just connect your iPad using your Lightning cable.

    Duet Display

    Be Twice As Productive


Perfect pay checks

If there’s one thing you wish you didn’t have to worry about as a freelancer, it’s keeping on top of all those expenses and invoices, right? Fortunately, Invoice2Go generates professional-looking invoices and quotes in no time. It’s also great for logging expenses or collating client details.

    Invoice 2go: Easy Quote Maker

    Simple invoices & estimates