Get in the hole! ⛳️🏌️

FORE! After three days of the world’s best players hitting a little white ball around a well mown field, a new Masters champion will be crowned today.

Golf’s showpiece tournament is one of the most exciting events on the annual sporting calendar, and whether you’re wanting to watch the final round, or have been inspired to pick up a club (real or virtual), apps can help. There are no swing-and-miss offerings here, just a collection of hole-in-one hits.

Follow the action

Always filled with action and excitement, upsets and drama, you won’t want to miss a minute of Masters Sunday. For those wanting to follow the progress of their favourite players, the official The Masters Tournament app lets you track every missed putt and exciting eagle as well as keeping an eye on the live scoreboard.

    The Masters Tournament



Improve your game

You’d look good in a green jacket, and you have a year to work on your game before The Masters rolls around again, with another chance to win one. That means practice is in order, and lots of it.

Helping you get out on the course, TeeOffTimes lets you find courses near you, see when they have available tee times and book a round. While you’re out there, Golfshot, with data held on more than 40,000 global courses, uses your iPhone’s GPS to offer accurate yardage to pins and hazards.

Want access to stats like the pros? Hole19 lets you record your shots before being offered helpful post-round performance breakdowns, such as driving accuracy and your greens in regulation percentage.

    Hole19 Golf GPS & Scoring App

    GPS, Scorecard & Tee-Times


    Golfshot: Golf GPS + AR

    Augmented Reality + Tee Times



    Book At 1,700+ Golf Courses


Play along

Prefer your participation in sporting activities to be locked to digital realms rather than the real-world courses? Then there are plenty of great golf games that will satisfy your club-swinging desires without having to worry about all those unpleasantries such as walking and working up a sweat.

Golf fans of a certain age will recognise Neo Turf Masters brilliantly retro graphics and characterful gameplay, following the arcade classic’s beautifully seamless transition to mobile. Those after some added realism will be able to enjoy the AR of Orbu, placing an augmented course on their living room floor.

Want to test your talents? Golf Clash lets you face off against real world opponents with every swing of your digital clubs. Now watch this drive.

    Orbu: AR Puzzler

    Relaxation at play


    Golf Clash

    Quick-fire Golf duels