Improve your (embarrassing) selfies

You know you shouldn’t, but you’re going to anyway. The lighting’s just so perfect, you simply must immortalise this moment in selfie form. The trouble is your reputation when it comes to capturing sharable selfies isn’t the best – just look back through that social feed.

With a few handy pointers and the right apps you can overcome all of your selfie shortcomings and fix those photo faux pas.

The “Look, I’m on a night out” selfie

‣ That obligatory selfie with a friend in the full-length pub loo mirror is fraught with risk and accidentally captured eyesores.

Fortunately, with TouchRetouch you can remove unwanted objects caught in the frame (the overflowing bin or your cousin Karen crying in the corner).

Open your spoilt selfie, tap the Object Removal button and drag your finger over the offending area. Now marvel as the app removes the item, creating a seamless extension of the background in the process.

You might look great, but not everything in your image is worth sharing.


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The “Damn, I blinked again” selfie

‣ Your hair looks great, your smile is sparkling, but as the shutter closed, so did your eyes.

No need to pose again, though. If you captured a Live Photo, open it within the Photos app and tap Edit in the upper right corner. At the base of the screen you’ll be able to scrub through a range of stills pulled from your moving image. Just select the best frame.

Don’t let a mistimed blink ruin your pic.

The “I’ve ruined a once-in-a-lifetime memory” selfie

‣ You’ve travelled halfway around the world and selfies are a way to remember your travels. Too bad that as you look back at your shots the Eiffel Tower is protruding from the side of your head in one shot and, in another, that famous sign now reads “lcome to Las Vega”.

You need Selfie Guide. As well as showing you exactly where to stand to capture the best selfies with dozens of global landmarks, the app gives you templates, showing you how to position your head in relation to the landmark in order to secure the best shot.

    Selfie Guide

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The “Great, now they know how I really live” selfie

‣ You’ve put many hours into ensuring your Instagram feed paints a minimalist and sophisticated look, but your latest selfie is backdropped by an extremely messy house. Using Enlight Photofox you can hide the clutter without actually cleaning thanks to the app’s Blur and Eraser tools.

Open your incriminating image, select the Blur tool to throw everything out of focus and then tap the Eraser button in the lower right corner to remove the effect over your face.

Why tidy up when you can just edit out the mess?

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The "Oops, I cut my best friend out" selfie

‣ When you get together with friends, a group selfie is a must, but there’s always one person who gets cropped out of the shot – sorry, Gary. Using Fyuse can solve this problem.

Instead of capturing a static shot, the spatial photography app lets you capture a 3D space and fit more into the frame. Just open the app, trigger the camera and move your iPhone to the side to capture the image. To view back, simply tilt your device to watch the image follow the crowd (and see if you can spot Gary).

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