It’s football, but not as you know it

Enjoy these title-worthy takes on the beautiful game.

Football just ain’t what it used to be. Don’t worry, we’re not bemoaning the money in the game or soft yellow cards. We’ve just been playing a number of uniquely quirky football games. And here are some of our favourites:

A game of headers and volleys

‘On me ‘ead, son!’ It’s been shouted across many a football pitch but has never been as apt as in Head Ball 2. Here, you play as an oversized head on a single boot. Don’t let your lack of limbs or missing torso deter you, though.

Shuffling back and forth across the compact pitch you’ve got to jump, head and shoot in order to send the ball looping over your latest real-world opponent.

Each 90 second encounter is fast, frantic and filled with game-changing power-ups. Commentary from John Motson only make things even more surreal.

    Head Ball 2

    Strike, score & play football


Fore-some football

Imagine you’re back in the early ‘90s and your favourite gaming character is tackling their pixelated platformer levels by hoofing a ball around. Well, that’s essentially what you’ve got with the aptly named Footy Golf.

Your target, like always, is a goal. Trouble is, between you and it are various obstacles and maze-like locales.

Do you try kick your ball over the lava or attempt a trick-shot using that spring-loaded section of floor? With the customary gold coins to collect and fewer shots meaning a higher score, maybe it is better to risk it with the lava.

    Footy Golf



A beast of a team

Football commentators are famously guilty of throwing out clichés. Things like ‘He’s as strong as an ox that lad’. Well, in Rumble Stars Football you scrap the lazy metaphors and actually play as an ox. And a panda, lion or crocodile too if you fancy it.

Winning’s as much about squad selection as on-pitch action. Balancing abilities is key to progressing through the leagues. So, while the Raging Bull might make a great enforcer, scything down anyone nearby, you’ll need someone like Sniper Wolf to put the goals away. Oh, and don’t forget the importance of a strong bench. After all, at the end of the day it’s a game of two halves.

    Rumble Stars Football

    Real-Time Animal PvP Matches!


Master the slide tackle

Smash together Subbuteo and air hockey and you’ve got Soccer Stars: Football Kick. Here you’ve got five pucks at your disposal and must slide these across the tabletop to knock the ball into your opponent’s goal.

Paired against other real-world challengers, each match is a cagey, tactical affair. Do you go for the ball or knock your opponent out of the way? Smash things as hard as you can or play with a little finesse?

A win means bragging rights and a pocket of coins which can be used to enter higher stakes matches.

    Soccer Stars: Football Kick

    Goal Online PVP Multiplayer


From journeyman to superstar

The most traditional football game in this list, Score! Hero is less about match craft and more finding that perfectly weighted through ball. Here you’re dropped into the key moments of matches and need to find the back of the net to keep your story going.

That might be a last-minute, title-winning worldie or a consolation tap-in. Progress and your story unfolds. You’ll move from academy wannabe to international star and have a few decisions to make both on the pitch and off. Fortunately if you overhit a pass or fluff a shot there’s a rewind button to help you out.

    Score! Hero

    Be The Hero!