Love Pokémon? Play these games

Whatever you’re into, there’s a game for that.

If you’re partial to Pikachu and enraptured by Eevee, then we’ve got something for just for you in the great games below.

Okay, the obvious one
I mean, cripes, if you’re into Pokémon and you’ve not played Pokémon GO already then please, rectify that immediately.

It teleports the Pokémon you know and love into the real world, using your location and AR so you can catch them near your home, work – wherever, really. Brilliant.

Catch and train Pokémon while you’re on the go.

    Pokémon GO

    Discover Pokémon worldwide


The battle-y one
If you’re all about battling, then this one’s for you. Pokémon Masters is about the trainers as much as the famous collectible critters. You’ll need to put together a crew of your favourite trainers from franchise history – including classic characters like Brock and Misty – to take on the world in three-versus-three tournaments.

Battles in Pokémon Masters are three-versus-three rumbles where strategy is key.

    Pokémon Masters

    Strategy & Battling Game


The new-look one
On Tumblecube Island, Pokémon look a little different. They’ve been chunked up and cubeified (it’s a real word, we checked) and there are gangs of them roaming the island looking for a fight.

Pokémon Quest isn’t as brutal as it sounds, though. It’s a fun battle-based adventure game where you guide your squad of Pokémon around triggering special attacks to take down other Pokémon. There’s real depth to it too, if you want it – you can just jump in for a quick rumble or think deeply about the strengths and weaknesses of your team and how to level them up; it’s up to you.

Guide your squad to victory against wild Pokémon on Tumblecube island.

    Pokémon Quest