Make Fortnite your own

Have fun without fighting in Creative mode.


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Skilled building can help you survive Fortnite’s battle royale mode, but what if you’d rather set up your structures in peace?

Enter Creative mode. Added in Fortnite’s season 7 update, Creative drops you onto your own private island, letting you set up soaring towers capped with launchpads, arrange obstacle courses, create elaborate stunt tracks for golf carts and indulge your inspirations without the threat of someone unexpectedly swooping in on a Stormwing.

Here’s how it works.

Build or browse

Creative mode is separate from the rest of Fortnite. It’s a place for building without competitive pressure.

First, load into a Creative Hub. Think of this like a lobby of sorts. Here you’ll find gateways to other player-created islands featured by Epic Games, so you can play around with impressive community creations.

If you’d rather craft your own, head to one of four personal island spaces where you’re free to experiment. You can move back and forth without fear of losing your work – whatever you build will still be there when you return (unless you deliberately delete it).

Open the toy box

Okay. Now you’re in. And standing on a mostly empty section of grass. Time to change that.

Tap the backpack button to get started. You’ll find buildings, devices, vehicles and other goodies that can be equipped, spawned and rearranged.

Want a shopping cart? Speed-boost tiles? How about a campfire or bounce pad? It’s all in the backpack, along with prebuilt structures and various component pieces. If you just want to get used to flying a Stormwing plane, simply spawn one and soar around these tranquil skies without interruption or repercussion.

Master your craft

So what do you do with all this stuff? Creative mode introduces new tools, including one that lets you copy, rotate and place structures. Using this device simplifies the process of replicating sections from prebuilt structures.

Just point at a floor, wall, roof or ramp, then copy and drop it elsewhere, which keeps your focus on the play field and out of menus.

Want to build something really tall? Good news: You can cancel gravity. Double-tap the jump button to fly across your realm, making it easy to expand your creative ambitions.

Custom combat

When you’re satisfied with your creation and want to test it out, activate custom gameplay modes and play with friends. Here you can run around in free-for-alls or entangle in good-natured battle; you can also change shield parameters, set time limits, race vehicles, run around obstacles courses and more, allowing you to truly craft new Fortnite experiences.

It’s a great way to hang out with friends without the nerve-racking tension of potential elimination lurking behind every rock.


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