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Selling items on eBay is a great way to clear out unwanted clutter and make space for something new. It also puts a bit of extra cash in your pocket – so why not push for the most money you can make?

If you’re selling a bag you no longer use, or that lamp you received as an unwanted gift, there are ways to eke out every possible bit of profit by making the most of eBay’s features.

Start low, aim high or fix the odds

“Be realistic about pricing.” According to eBay’s head of mobile, James Meeks, that’s the best way to maximise your profit potential. “Setting your item at a too-high price is a sure way to never sell it. Consider how much you paid for it and what similar items are being sold for,” he tells us.

Knowing when to opt for a traditional auction-style listing and when to favour a simple Buy It Now fixed fee sale can also help.

“It’s best to use the auction-style listing format for special or unique items, or when you don’t know the value of the item and want eBay to determine it,” Meeks says. “When you know the market value of your item you should choose the Buy It Now price listing format.”

You can set the format for every item during the listing process.

It’s all about timing

Avoiding a 2am end time to your auction can help generate a bit of last minute interest in your item, but being smart about the broader timing of your listing can also have a big impact on your overall earnings.

“Keep seasonality in mind,” says Meeks. “Always put yourself in the shoes of the customer – you’re not going to be searching for a heavy wool coat in the middle of summer. Sellers always have a better chance of selling their items before or during the season that it’s optimal for.”

Look out for reduced fee days

The easiest way to keep a bit of extra cash in your pocket is to make sure you capitalise on eBay’s reduced fee promotions.

Run at various times throughout the year – such as over certain bank holiday weekends – these limited time offers occasionally trade in the traditional sales percentage-based commission with a single, lower, flat fee.

With the rates altering from promotion to promotion, they might only save you a small amount per listing, but can have a big impact if you’re listing multiple items. Want to know about the latest offers? eBay will alert you to upcoming offers via the in-app Messages button.

You can discover upcoming eBay offers by tapping My eBay > Messages.

Need more ways to up your eBay-enabled income? Meeks advises you try listing your item in multiple categories, allow bidders to make “best offers” and make your item available to international bidders. Your bank balance will appreciate the effort.

Take your items off eBay

There might be millions of eBay users, but that doesn’t mean you should simply wait for potential buyers to come to you.

“You have the option to share your listing via email or your social media channels like Facebook or Twitter,” Meeks explains. In the app, if you enter your listing and tap the three dot “options” icon in the top right corner you can then tap Share. This will provide you with a unique link that you share with friends or post on your social media channels.

Sharing your eBay listings elsewhere can help generate more interest.


    Marketplace - Buy, Sell & Save