Make the most of your memories

Transform your snaps into more than just a photo.

“Hey, how are you doing? What have you been up to?”

It’s a common conversation opener, and one that’s guaranteed to cause your mind to draw a blank. Not because you haven’t done anything interesting recently, but because we rarely take the time to dwell on recent memories.

We pine for the next holiday but quickly forget recent trips. Look forward to the coming weekend without appreciating the good times just had. But that doesn’t need to be the case.

Sure, a cursory glance at your Instagram offers a highlights reel of sharable shots, but if you want a deeper, more meaningful way to remember your year, these apps can help.

Enjoy ready-made albums

Cataloguing memories doesn’t have to be a time sap. Yes, you could go through your photos and videos carefully crafting bespoke albums, but your iPhone and iPad are already doing that for you.

By opening the Photos app and tapping For You you’ll see a range of Memories brought together in beautiful, nostalgic albums.

Photos makes you bespoke albums, no finger-lifting required.

Tapping See All offers up album after album of cleverly and carefully curated images, helping you remember and relive days out, special occasions, times with particular people and places you’ve been. And all without you having to lift a finger.

Take a second for second thoughts

A single second doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to trigger a powerful memory. Helping keep these memories safe, 1 Second Everyday lets you capture – or cut from your existing videos and Live Photos – second-long clips, pulling these daily video bites into an ever-expanding repository of thought triggers.

Piece together daily snatches of your life into one video with 1 Second Everyday.

As well as helping you relive happy highlights, you’ll find that your desire to make your video as interesting as possible encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and make each day that little bit more special.

    1 Second Everyday: Video Diary

    Create your life movie


Make memories like it’s 2019

In the digital age, diary keeping has become something of a dying art. But thanks to Momento, it’s coming back, and with all the benefits of the modern world woven in.

As social media makes personal thoughts public, Momento lets you keep things to yourself, pairing your daily notes with photos, videos, people and place tags that help you create a detailed record of your day.

Momento is diary-keeping for the modern age.

You’re not limited to what you capture in-app, either. Letting you pull in content from all of your usual social feeds, as well as favourite apps such as videos watched on YouTube and routes taken using Uber, Momento catalogues your days for easy recollection.

    Momento - Diary / Journal

    Capture your life story


Take a trip in a time machine

Making and documenting new memories is great, but how about a little nostalgia? While the above methods will take a while to bear fruit, Timehop lets you recall and relive events that are already years in the past.

Timehop resurfaces memories both fun and poignant.

The app pulls in content from all of your favourite social apps, with daily reminders bringing past events to life once again.

As well as surfacing old Facebook posts and popular Twitter and Instagram hits, Timehop shows you ‘On this day’ style images from your Photos roll, and pictures shared by Dropbox.

    Timehop - Memories Then & Now

    Social Networking