Millionaire for a day

We’ve waited ages for payday to finally arrive and now we’re ready to go bananas. We’ll use these apps to simulate the lifestyles of the rich and famous – a whirlwind of cocktails, opulent travel and fancy outfits. Tomorrow we crash back to reality like Cinderella running away from the ball, but today? Today, we’re (elaborately pretending to be) in the money, baby!

Travel the world

If there’s one thing we know about rich people, it’s that they travel. A lot. We won’t be docking a superyacht in Monaco anytime soon, but we can still dip a toe in the luxury lifestyle thanks to Mr & Mrs Smith’s tightly-curated directory of boutique hotels.

For planning an itinerary, who better to ask than Louis Vuitton? Their city guides open up a world of adventure. And if you’re feeling really flash, skip the usual airlines and try JetSmarter so that you can excitedly FaceTime everyone you’ve ever met to let them know that you just hired a private jet.

    Mr & Mrs Smith boutique hotels

    Travel Club for Hotel Lovers





    XO powered by JetSmarter

    Book Private Jets


Dress for excess

Since we’re only pretending to be crazy-rich, we need a bargain: that’s where Vestiaire Collective comes in, with armfuls of great deals on pre-owned designer items. Fabulous, darling!

    Vestiaire Collective

    Shop & Sell Preloved Fashion


Fine dining

From our extensive research rewatching The Great Gatsby, we’ve learned that to act rich, you need to know your cocktails.

The Photo Cookbook’s got it covered. After a martini or seven, it’s time to head out to a swanky restaurant and snag yourself an exclusive table.

And for dessert? We’ll use Deliveroo to have a tray of macarons brought right to our door. In all the colours of the rainbow!

    The Photo Cookbook – Cocktails

    Food & Drink


    Deliveroo: Food delivery

    Order takeaway food online


Play like you’re loaded

Money, money, money! Our transformation into the nouveau riche is complete with this trio of outrageously affluent games. AdVenture Capitalist has our lemonade empire ballooning to incredible levels.

With Make it Rain, we’re giddily tossing banknotes about with wild abandon, and in New Star Soccer we’re taking our vastly-overpaid footballer’s wages and ploughing them all into crazy bets on our own racehorse. Come on, David Hassel-hoof! You can do it!

    AdVenture Capitalist

    Get Rich Quick! Idle Clicker!


    Make It Rain: Love of Money

    Swipe Cash! #1 Addicting Game!


    New Star Soccer