There are few undeniable facts in this world, and one of them is that dogs are better than people. It’s true. Good luck finding someone on Tinder who’ll love you forever if you give them a biscuit.

However, not everybody who wants a dog can keep one full time, and not everyone who has a dog can walk them as often as they need. BorrowMyDoggy solves that.

If you’re a dog-lover you need BorrowMyDoggy in your life.

It connects dog owners with the doggo-deficient, and that’s a win-win for dogs, owners and borrowers alike. The borrower gets the joy of dog time without the responsibility of 24/7 ownership, something that’s really helpful for people whose landlords won’t let them keep pets or whose work often takes them away from home.

And the owner saves on the expense of professional dog walking. And, of course, the dog gets to go on adventures.

Find a trusted dog lover to shower your pooch with affection, when you’re short on time.

The app uses your location to find a list of dogs near you and you can find out when they’re available, whether they’re the outdoors or indoors type and what kind of personality they have. And there are hundreds and hundreds of photos, so just browsing the app will fill your day with furry joy.

It’s a wonderful app that does something really lovely. As Fox Mulder didn’t quite say in The X-Files, the woof is out there.