Save time with these 3 apps

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Your time is precious, so why waste it sweating over the little things when apps can help? Whether you want to avoid the supermarket and still eat well, get on top of your to-do list or know if you need to carry your umbrella, here are some choice apps that could save you time.

Choose your own food adventure

Deciding on what to eat can be as tricky as deciding what to stream: there’s just so much choice, where do you even start?

Select the number of hungry mouths and recipes you want in your weekly subscription and Hello Fresh will deliver all the ingredients you need to cook fantastic dishes. No stressful meal-planning, no trudging around the supermarket looking for the right spices – it’s all delivered right to your door. Save yourself even more time by choosing recipes that can be cooked in under 20 minutes.


    Discover a Healthy Meal Plan


What (not) to wear

How many collective hours have we all lost agonising over the right amount of layering for our changeable weather, or if those suede sandals will ever see the light of day?

Carrot Weather isn’t just great at telling you what the weather’s going to be like where you are, it’s also really funny. The interface is colourful, the sarcastic chatbot’s reports are incredibly accurate but also full of personality (you can set it to snarky, or homicidal among others). If you check the weather each day then this app will keep things snappy and entertaining.

    CARROT Weather

    The crazy-powerful weather app


Master that to-do list

Making a list is a great way to focus on what’s important and break projects up into more manageable actions – and that’s where Things 3 excels.

Essentially, it’s a digital to-do list but it can be as simple or nuanced as you need. It’s easy to add an action to your list, then tag activities as more or less urgent and set a deadline. The app also allows for recurring deadlines and larger-scale projects. Tap the checkbox on screen to tick off another job well done.

    Things 3

    Organize your life